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archery target panic 


Issues such as the various forms of target panic - which is an involuntary action much like "the yips" in golf, or a type of self-sabotage if you like - lie outside the realm of our own conscious control, and simply cannot be overcome with sheer determination.

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Mental training used to be the last aspect baseballers looked to, for improvement - but nowadays it is just as important as strategy, skills and fitness. Even better, it gives a major edge to players and teams who use it, over their unsuspecting opponents.

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Basketball, being a particularly fast sport, allows little time for conscious thinking while you are playing in the heat of a game - and this means many actions are performed on auto-pilot. This is where the power of the subconscious comes in.

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When two boxers of similar strength, speed, size and ability meet in the ring, they are only separated by one thing - and the match is determined by the boxer who is the toughest mentally. Power + Mental Strength = Success.

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Athletes, coaches and sports teams often have unique personal sporting needs which require a personalized, custom-made approach to their mental training, targeting needs, barriers, training, goals, challenges,

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No matter whether what style - or if you are a competitive or social dancer, training your mind through simple proven mental techniques massively increases the quality of your routines, moves and contest performances, and...

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Competitive foilists looking for the edge over their opponents during bouts on the fencing strip need look no further, such as taking it one touch at a time, speed & foot tempo, analysis of your opponent, sharp focus and reactions, and much more.

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golf course 


The slump that Tiger Woods experienced was a classic example of how much the mind and mental outlook can affect your golf - even when your physical game and swings remain unchanged. Going to the control center...

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Overcoming fear of tumbling or backwards movements in gymnastics is quite easy once the issue is addressed right at the very source, where it resides - the subconscious mind - no matter how long the issue has persisted.

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ice hockey 

Ice Hockey

In sports like ice hockey where every milli-second counts, it makes an enormous difference if you are thinking and playing instinctively on the ice, rather than manually planning your every move - and this is what...

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martial arts 

Martial Arts

Martial arts requires amazing speed and instinctive, intuitive movements, and these are the domain of the subconscious mind - which controls all of the body's movement.

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motor racing 

Motor Sports

The deep focus, mental stamina, quick reactions and relaxed that are required in motor racing gives drivers who use mental training a massive edge, which provides a powerful and disciplined mental approach.

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Pool / Billiards 

Pool / Billiards

The quiet deep focus, and positive mental attitude required by players demands a powerful mental training program which allows you to mentally rehearse your favorite breaks and shots, and reinforce your positive mindset.

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distance running / marathon 


Running is a unique sport where the mind plays an enormous role in your performance. Compared to other sports (where there is loads of equipment and other performance aids), running is just you out there - your body and your thoughts..

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target and trap shooting 


The steady hand, the sharp eye, deep focus, and the calm mind delivers your best performances when it counts most, under competition pressure. The mind plays an enormous role in target and trap shooting.

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soccer ball 


For many years, soccer players never trained their minds in preparation for a match - but as competition kept getting tougher, players and team coaches began looking to find a secret weapon their opponents did not have. They soon found it.. mental training has exploded in soccer..

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Calmly handle all of the (many) pressures of contest surfing, with a powerful mental training program - specialized towards competitive surfers who are looking for the advantage over their opponents, and confidence on the waves.

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In a sport where one second is an eternity, swimming is more competitive than it has ever been. And so it is a sign of the times that swimmers and coaches are now seeking the extra edge mental training provides.


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So many players have brilliant talent, strokes & fitness nowadays, the mind is what separates the winners from the rest, out there on court during the heat of competition. The toughest mentally will always shake hands the winner.

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Track and Field Athletics 

Track & Field

No matter what events you compete in track and field, you need to handle the pressure, visualize a successful result, maintain a positive mindset, and remain calm and in control.

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Even to us, it's been amazing to observe the massive difference the mind makes in a brutal power sport like triathlon - and just how important mental strength is to training, belief, overcoming intimidation, negative thoughts, results...

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Wrestlers often seek mental training because they experience doubt, nerves and intimidation, especially if they are competing against bigger and stronger opponents..

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