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Mind Training for Martial Arts
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Champions have that vital X factor which helps them find a way to win, even when everything is against them.

Regardless of whether you practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ultimate Fighting, Karate, Taekwondo or another form of combat, (and I have worked with all of them), a massive part of success lies in mental strength - it pulls out victories when you are being matched in every other way.

Are You Achieving the Results You Deserve, in Your Combat / Self Defense Martial Arts Fighting?

Only the mentally strong are able to consistently fight at the peak of their powers -  in speed, strength, skill, technique, anticipation of your opponent's moves, muscle memory, agility etc.

Or if they are not at the peak of their powers, somehow they still manage to find a way to win.

When martial arts opponents of equal skill face each other in combat - only mental strength will separate them.

Training mind AND body gives you the vital edge over most of your opponents, who only do physical training.

There is no area of your performance which cannot be improved, in terms of technique and skills - which can be mastered in accelerated time by combining both your mental and physical training.

Better still, if you use mental techiques like visualization and hypnosis, you can completely target your mind training - to your next tournament, opponent, venue - and the exact needs you will require for that time.

  Keys to Success

Mental training can create a Zen-like mental state which delivers absolute peak performance direct from your subconscious mind and muscle memory.

Automatic muscle memory - this is where all those perfectly timed, lightning fast and laser-accurate kicks, strikes, blocks, holds and punches originate from.

This is what mental training does, brings out your best - when it matters most. No matter whether you use visualization, meditation, hypnosis, positive imagery, theta-level recordings etc - all blend all of these as we like to do - any of these will bring about improvement when it matters most. 

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits:

* Reinforce - or accelerate the mastering of - strong technique using guided visualization

* Overcoming intimidation & self-sabotage - particularly physical or mental intimidation when facing larger or more powerful opponents

* Heightened senses / anticipation / spacial awareness - which opens door to the optimum possible outcome from all situations - eg. incredible speed of movement, always knowing where you should be, making the right move at the right time, intuiting your opponent's next move etc.

* Develop deep unwavering focus without distraction from your opponent's skill, size, speed or reputation - or the crowd

As this is an area your opponent is probably not looking into - this gives you a massive edge when the time comes. There are zero disadvantages to being mentally stronger - as this is the area which controls performance.


Guided Hypnosis Recordings
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"So I placed 2nd in the worlds BJJ and I owe a large part to the mental training. This will always be a staple of my competition prep. I'm impressed with the quality, speed and professionalism, and you can quote me on that! Thks again"."

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