Explosive Ice Hockey Performances - with Mental Training

When every milli-second counts, it makes an enormous difference if you are thinking and playing instinctively on the ice - there's no time to plan your every move, especially at the elite level.

Are You Better In Matches, or On-Ice Practices? Transform Your Skills on the Ice - with your Mind.

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Mind Training for Ice Hockey
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Having worked with players over the past couple of decades, few seem to live up to their training form, during big matches.  This is where mental training transforms and supercharges your skills on the ice.

It brings new confidence and assertiveness to your play - which delivers controlled aggression, power and explosive speed on the ice.

It can increase your vision and anticipation on the ice, and helps to make your defense more impenetrable and your attacks more devastating.

It also allows your mind to bring about quicker and more creative thinking under pressure, with more fearless risk-taking and better organization. It brings out more of the warrior qualities in you, on the ice - a powerful ice hockey machine.

Training your mind improves every area of your game, speed and anticipation effortlessly - even without changing anything you are doing in practice.

The list of benefits are basically endless. There is a reason why there is not a champion in the world who does not use mind training techniques. It guides, reinforces, improves and smoothes every part of the process.

In rapid split-second sports like ice hockey, the team with the best instincts, wins.

It allows you to become a warrior - and to set new standards and benchmarks for yourself - in focus, professionalism, team-work, fitness, power, relentless aggression and impenetrable defense – for the other teams to contend with.

Your skills are there for all to see - your intercepts, passes, blocks, explosive skating, controlled hands and tactical moves are off the charts.

It feels like electricity radiates through every atom of your mind and body, and you feel like an unstoppable force. Concentration, strategy, anticipation and actions all seem to just happen on autopilot, without effort - at their peak levels.

You feel like an ice hockey machine, programmed for success on the ice. Your skating, passing, blocks and plays all work perfectly. You are pure confidence, assertiveness, controlled aggression, power and explosive speed on the ice – and lightning with the puck.

You become a sniper, with soft quick hands, active stick, vision and anticipation, supreme organization, communication, with quick and creative thinking, and fluent movement. You become a fearless warrior who relentlessly wears down your opponents. You feel immortal.

When you play like this, its because your subconscious mind brings out all these qualities on auto-pilot.

Yet most people do not experience these amazing levels of performance. Because to bring about transformation ON the ice, you have to strengthen your game, technique, skills, speed, strategy and anticipation off the ice as well.

  Keys to Success

This means learning to quiet your mind, and go within - and mentally play the perfect match in your mind, regularly. This is called visualization. Apart from the fundamentals - ie. puck control, passing and your skating skills - you imagine your breakouts, transitions, power plays and tactical moves, and see it all coming together perfectly.

Even better - feel the excitement as you imagine being so dominant out there.

Just knowing these techniques helps, but it is not enough.  It is important to find some guidance in the form of mental training, so you and your team can blend your 'mind work' perfectly with your physical on-ice training.


Mental Training / Hypnosis Programs
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I would have bet money this wasnt going to work, but it did. And I cant believe how much. This has opened up a lot of things for me now".

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