Supercharge Your Tennis Results - With Off Court Mind Techniques

Dominate Opponents With the Latest Secret Weapon

Training the mind has exploded in the world of tennis, where players and coaches are looking for any possible edge - and it delivers results... consistently.

Most Players Deliver their Best Tennis When Relaxed, in Practice - but Get Nervous in Tournaments and Lose to Lesser Opponents.  Champions are Different.  This is Why the Brain has the New Breakthrough for Players this Century.

As a former coach who moved to the area of mental training some decades back, I found players who trained their mind could transform their game and put them back in the winner’s circle very quickly.

How to Transform Your Results

How does it work?  Simply because your mind controls your body, not the other way around.  And this makes it a massive secret weapon to have down at your end of the court.

Your subconscious knows the right shot to play in every situation, how to play it, and even the correct strategy you should implement.

It helps you to access the Zone out there on court more often (your peak level of performance), and allows you to play competition and tournament matches more confidently, freely and instinctively.

You play pressure situations with a clearer and calmer mind, fully executing all your strokes freely and with greater authority, and your shot selection and movement are flowing on auto-pilot.

Your subconscious mind is the software that controls every move you make on court, and remembers every shot you have ever hit in your lifetime.

Training your mind helps overcome 'self-sabotage' on court. This is where players lose matches from winning positions, make unusual errors under pressure etc - as well as temper & frustration issues.

clay court

Using our own innate (and unlimited) resources helps us to also create a deep expectation of success - a deep inner belief that you will perform strongly each time you compete, and that you can succeed no matter who your opponent is - and this transfers directly into confidence in your stroking ability and winning results.

Programming Your Subconscious for On-Court Success

Visualisation is a well-known and effective self-hypnosis technique used around the world (and pretty much every pro player uses it), which helps to program the subconscious for success on the tennis court.  This is where you realistically picture in your mind the way you want to play, think, feel and perform, in each tournament match. 

Many pro players such as Novak Djokovic have stated visualisation is one of the most important aspects to their mental preparation.

Visualizing regularly helps to 'program' these positive qualities into your game, to bring out on court when you need them most - under pressure.


Renowned Benefits:

* Improving your results without practicing any harder

* Overcoming extreme nervousness

* Overcome intimidation from competitors, and erase recurring negative habits and self sabotage

* A deep inner belief in yourself and your abilities

* Less anger and more controlled approach on the court

* Not worrying about future opponents as much

* Mental endurance - focused concentration

* Playing in the zone - on cruise control

* A calm, clear and focused mind

* Consistent performances in competitions

* Sleeping well the night before a big match

* Consistently bringing out your best tennis in the big tournaments

* Accelerated learning of new techniques / skills

* Strengthen your motivation to train

The most powerful method is to improve your game from the inside out.  Simply by adding regular visualisation to your normal practice routine, your results on court very quickly begin to transform.

While there is little room to guide you through the whole process here - you can practice imagining your perfect serving and receiving games, playing at the peak of your powers - and add as much realism to the images as possible.

This is a way of instilling a new blueprint of flawless tennis within your mind's computer, for your body to access when you are out there on court, during the heat of competition.

  tennis player

Why do the very best players win when they rarely lead the stats in aces etc?

Mental toughness is the answer. For instance, there was a time in the early years when Roger Federer lost a lot of matches to lesser players, but Roger made the decision that he needed to be mentally tougher in his matches and hang in there longer, which made all the difference - and he became the premier player for many years, until Nadal eventually built up the belief that he could win all all surfaces, not just clay.

Nadal won his grand slams from sheer dogged determination and mental strength, mixed with his fabulous relentless groundstrokes, and won against Federer at a time when no-one else could - by simply refusing to mental fold the way most players have done when they walked on court against Federer at his peak.

Mental strength is the main edge these players have over the others, even though they do not always rate in the yearly stats where other players may serve more aces, hit more winners etc. It's the mental strength which give the top players that vital 'X factor' that ensure they shake hands as the winner most of the time.

How to Find Your Inner Tennis 'Zone'

Your inner genius can help you overcome most problems and reach the absolute peak of your capabilities.

The mental state known as 'the zone' produces these all-time best performances - where your entire game just seems to flow easily and effortlessly, and you feel you simply cannot do a thing wrong!

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The Zone is brought about by learning to allow your powerful subconscious to do your hitting for you. Most players have no idea how to get into this mental state, and this gives you a secret weapon for you over your competitors!

So where is your mind currently directing your tennis? Your recent results in tournaments or competition will give you the answer every time.

Regardless, mental toughness can improve your results and get you into the winners circle more often.

The Essential Component To Visualisation

Among other techniques I outline in my program, 'visualisation' is by far the best method I've seen for programming yourself for success on court (through the all-powerful subconscious mind, the key to all sporting success). Novak Djokovic has said what an important part of his training this is.

This is the simple act of regularly mentally imagining yourself playing the 'perfect tennis match', and this sets up a mental blueprint within the subconscious for your body to follow when you are on-court.

However, a common problem most players have with visualizing is because one of its essential ingredients is to be able to quieten your thoughts and relax your mind to a specific level.

This is crucial while you "run movies through your mind" of successful tennis.

Many find this difficult (which is why it is such a secret weapon if you can do it!), mainly due to aspects such as:

* your mind won't quieten down, or:

* your relaxation goes too deep and you fall asleep, or:

* you don't know exactly what to visualize, or for how long, etc

These are all very common problems for most players, which I address in my audio program further below. Otherwise, the best way is to simply experiment with it and learn it yourself.


Another way to help bypass the issue is to visualize yourself playing brilliantly to your favorite upbeat music, which helps you inject emotion into the images of tennis success you are imagining.

There are countless ways you can use this technique - another fabulous method is to improve your technique by visualizing yourself in slow motion, seeing every single aspect of your swing being flawless and perfect.


The most important thing of all, with mind training - is to do it.  And do it regularly.   It is a massive secret weapon.   And give it as much focus and attention as you give your on-court game.

"If we all trained our minds as much as we are training our muscles and physical body, I think we would achieve and maximise our potential. We don't know how much we can really achieve until we have this kind of mindset of wanting always to evolve and improve. I believe in the power of the mind and visualisation, which is a big part of my everyday life".
Novak Djokovic


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