Supercharge Your Tennis Results - with Hypnosis / Mental Training

Training the mind has exploded in the world of tennis, where players and coaches are looking an edge - and mental training delivers results... consistently.

Most Players Deliver their Best Tennis When Relaxed, in Practice - but Get Nervous in Tournaments and Lose to Lesser Opponents.  Champions are Different.  This is Where Mental Training Comes In.

Tennis mental training / hypnosis

Mind Training for Tennis
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As a former coach who moved to the area of mental training some decades back, I found players who trained their mind could transform their game and put them back in the winner’s circle very quickly. How?  Simply because your mind controls your body, not the other way around.  And this makes it a massive secret weapon to have down at your end of the court.

Your subconscious knows the right shot to play in every situation, how to play it, and even the correct strategy you should implement.

It helps you to access the Zone out there on court more often (your peak level of performance), and allows you to play competition and tournament matches more confidently, freely and instinctively.

You play pressure situations with a clearer and calmer mind, fully executing all your strokes freely and with greater authority, and your shot selection and movement are flowing on auto-pilot.

Your subconscious mind is the software that controls every move you make on court, and remembers every shot you have ever hit in your lifetime.

Training your mind helps overcome 'self-sabotage' on court.

This is where players lose matches from winning positions,
make unusual errors under pressure etc - as well as temper & frustration issues.

Mental training helps us to also create a deep expectation of success - a deep inner belief that you will perform strongly each time you compete, and that you can succeed no matter who your opponent is - and this transfers directly into confidence in your stroking ability and winning results.

Visualization is a well-known and effective technique used around the world (and pretty much every pro player uses it), which helps to program the subconscious for success on the tennis court.  This is where you realistically picture in your mind the way you want to play, think, feel and perform, in each tournament match. 

  tennis player

Novak Djokovic says visualization is one of the most important aspects to his mental preparation.

Visualizing regularly helps to 'program' these positive qualities into your game, to bring out on court when you need them most - under pressure.

Visualizing also helps with:

* Mentally rehearsing all strokes to peak efficiency

* Consistently bringing out your best tennis in the biggest and most important tournaments and situations

* Overcoming nerves and handling pressure easily, making the right shot at the right time

* Believing in yourself and your ability to win, and to close out the match

* Being unaffected by intimidation from your opponent

* Recovery of confidence after injury

* Having the belief to win from difficult situations, or against tough or seeded opponents

Visualizing regularly helps to 'program' these positive qualities into your game, to bring out on court.

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits:

* Pre-program and fine-tune your technique, strategies, and general performance

* Learn new technique / skills more quickly and easily

* Overcome technical flaws, and increase efficiency and consistency

* Increase confidence and self belief

* Overcome intimidation from competitors, and erase recurring negative habits and self sabotage

* Overcome extreme nervousness before and during events

* Strengthen concentration, focus and mental endurance in both training and events

* Strengthen your natural motivation to training

* Improve any area of your performance effortlessly - even without changing anything you are doing in training

* Have a proven secret weapon your competitors dont know about!

* Accelerate learning of new physical skills and techniques

* Recovery of confidence after injury, and much more.

Mental training improves your game from the inside out.  Adding regular mental training to your normal practice routine, your results on court very quickly begin to transform.


Mental Training / Hypnosis Programs
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I can say with all honesty that my game has gone from a 4.0 to a 4.5 thanks entirely to your program. It has worked wonders to my game..."

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