Massively Improve Any Style of Dancing - with Mental Training

Unleash the Inspiration Within

No matter whether its social or competition dance, training your mind allows you to overcome barriers and self-sabotage, strengthen performance, and relax and bring out your best, when it counts most.

Are You Having Trouble with Difficult Sequences or Routines On the Dance Floor?

Or Affected by Doubts, Fears, Nerves or Negative Thoughts Before Competitions?

Training your mind - the control center of your body's performances - massively increases the quality of your performances.

Many competitive dancers came to me over the years as competition had become so tough, they are looking for any edge they can get over their competitors, particularly under contest pressure.

This is why mental training gives you the edge over most of your competitors who only practice their sequences and routines, but who do no form of mental preparation.

Your Subconscious Powers Your Dance Performance

One of the great battles for dancers is being able to trust and allow the 'autopilot' process to take over during contests, as this is run by your powerful subconscious mind (your body's control center). 

Your powerful subconscious mind controls all your movements on the floor, and stores all your previous training and contest experience, technique and knowledge within your vast memory bank - so working directly with this area is incredibly powerful.

Your subconscious has complete access to your entire dance history - of styles, techniques, sequences, knowledge, practices, skills, routines and experience - stored in its memory bank. 

Your conscious mind does not have access to the control panel of your dance - and whenever it gets overly involved, we generally call this self-sabotage - as the performances are usually the ones we prefer to forget.

This is where mental training comes in - allowing you to relax and trust your body to do what it knows best, and allow your movements to flow intuitively and rhythmically - without holding onto the controls too tightly.

Work On Your Sequences At Your 'Inner' Dance Practice

Just like at practice, a part of mental training is like doing an 'inner' dance practice each day, in your mind. This is called visualisation, picturing your best performances while in the relaxed state.

Mental training shows up in all kinds of different ways, under contest pressure - such as these aspects below.

Dancing Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Dance Advantages:

* Effortlessly maintaining a core and eyeline

* Overcoming technical flaws

* Accelerated learning of new moves, styles and techniques

* Increase step efficiency and consistency

* Increase confidence, belief and relaxation during contests

* Overcome intimidation, fear, recurring negative habits and self sabotage out there on the floor

* Enhance fluidity of your moves and performance

* Increase focus and mental endurance in both practice and contests

* Access your highest levels of performance more often

* Strengthen memory of steps and routines

* Return strongly after injury / illness

* Customize for each new dance, contest, venue and practice

  Keys to Success

It makes no difference what style you dance when it comes to mental training - because you customize the visualisation to suit your exact needs, for the contest.

It works just as well for all styles - regardless of whether you are into rap, street, hip-hop, contemporary jazz / modern, Argentine tango, break dance, country/western, Latin, salsa or swing taplatin, all the way through to square and line dance, ballroom and ballet.

But just like physical practice, the techniques require some ongoing dedication in order to truly get the transformational results you are seeking, and that edge over your competitors.

The regular picturing clear images of your future dance contest, in which you see yourself in powerful, formidable and imperious form, is just one of the transformational methods utilized in mental training.

When used in a relaxed state, this method becomes even more powerful and influential over physical performances. And regularity and reinforcement play a big part as well, as there are no shortcuts to success.

So you will need to be equally diligent in your efforts to be mentally prepared, as you are with your physical preparation. Because mind and body work together - and both need to be functioning at their optimum for truly superior performance.

Much like in the dance studio - in order to attain your greatest results, your mental training also requires regular commitment and discipline.

But the rewards are very much worth it - and the time you need to train your mind is nothing compared to the thousands of hours you have dedicated to learning all your steps, moves and routines.

Have a listen below for more information on mental techniques, and further below you can see audio hypnosis and mind training products designed for this exact purpose.

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* Audio - 'The Power of Visualisation & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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