Turbo-Charge Your Motor Racing Results - with Mental Training

Unleash Your Champion Qualities At the Wheel

Handling the car calmly and efficiently in difficult conditions with many cars around you, intuitively and instinctively avoiding accidents ahead and focusing deeply and confidently - these are the unmistakable signs of a strong driver's mind.

Do You Drive Brilliantly In Practice - But Fade Under the Pressure of Big Auto Racing Events?

I can tell you from first hand experience of working with drivers that mental training is the answer.

It helps you overcome any limitations, realize your full potential, and strengthen your confidence, belief, performance, anticipation, and results to new heights.

As most elite drivers have brilliant physical skills, it's often mental strength which separates them at major racing events.

Whether it's track, drag racing, motocross, or any other motor sport - mental training gives you that vital edge you are looking for over your main competitors.

Mental training brings out your highest levels of driving technique, skill, strategies, tactics...

And intuition - a kind of inner sixth sense for sensing, reacting to, and successfully avoiding crashes ahead of you (often called 'luck') - plus finding traction in crisis situations when other drivers cannot.

It even helps you to absorb even more advanced driving skills far more quickly.

This adds a whole new dimension to your driving performances - a kind of "secret weapon" your competitors do not have at their disposal.  Most racing car drivers, so this provides a massive edge to those who use it.

Mind Training Benefits

Common Issues Improved by Mind Training

* Maintaining focus and concentration on the track, especially with a large number of cars around them

* Overcoming nerves doubt, lack of belief about other drivers, your ability, the track, etc

* Anticipating or avoiding crashes in advance

* Driving too safely or aggressively

* Handling problems with traction or controlling the car under pressure or in difficult conditions

* Experiencing unusually bad or better 'luck' during races - eg. avoiding crashes, etc

* and many others

By training their mind, drivers are able to perform to their fullest potential, overcoming nerves, focus with deeper concentration for longer periods, and increasing their levels of intensity and mastery of advanced driving skills.

The best way to do this (that is, on your own without any guidance) is to regularly relax your mind for several minutes - before mentally imagining yourself in the drivers seat, at your next upcoming event.

Then you use all your senses - to mentally rehearse bringing out your greatest skills, particularly at the times you will need them - visualize the start, on the turns, avoiding crashes, accelerating away, the finish, etc.


Driving within your imagination actually lights up all the same areas of the brain which activate when you are driving in a real race.

So you are actually logging some driving time in your mind.

Its a bit like virtual reality, but you create it yourself.

Regular mental training techniques such as these can also bring about The Zone, the mental state which produces the absolute peak sharpness in your motor skills and capabilities - though you may need to consult a sports psychologist or training audio such as our hypnosis program to further develop these skills.

See below for more information and mind-training products.

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* Audio - 'The Power of Visualisation & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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