Transform Your Baseball (and Your Team's Results) - with Mental Training

It's all about playing your best when it counts most, right? Under pressure, in the big games, against the best teams, in front of the coaches.

Are You a Baseball Player Who Plays Better in Practice, or the Big Game?

Do Big Match Nerves Affect Your Batting, Fielding or Pitching skills?

No problem. These days... pure talent is just not enough anymore. You must be strong in the mind as well.

Players have often contacted me saying they have all the physical batting, fielding and pitching skills, and tons of talent .. but under big game pressure they do not produce the same level of play as in practice.

Luckily mental training will help you with all of these, and its proven methods are used by thousands of players and coaches.

Baseball batting mental training / hypnosis

Mind Training for Baseball
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Mental training helps you relax on the field, believe in your batting, fielding or pitching abilities, ignore crowd distractions, remain cool under pressure, etc.

As well as boosting performance, it overcomes confidence slumps, technical issues and self-sabotage caused by anxiety.

  Mind Training Success

The mind was overlooked for a long time improvement on the field - but because of increased competition and its proven benefits, training the mind has become just as important as batting, pitching and fielding practice.

Mental training helps you play to your full potential, break out of batting, pitching or fielding slumps, increase your belief and confidence, and focus so deeply that you do not even notice the crowd.

You can mentally rehearse successfully batting against (or pitching) fastballs, curve balls, splitters, sliders, knuckleballs, screwballs, circle changes, change ups... with visualization - to create a blueprint for your body to follow.

When a player's mental strength does not match their physical skills - it always shows up most, when under pressure.

Even players who have no technical weaknesses - can find their mind seizing up from stress, and their brilliant on-field skills can often crumble, when they need them most.

Once players' inner belief matches their body's skills, and they learn to 'program' their inner computer for the success they are truly capable of... it all starts falling into place on the field.

Players suddenly feel much calmer and less emotional under pressure, with fewer doubts, increased belief in themselves (and what they are capable of)... and the results take a massive leap forward.

Mind Training Benefits

Strong Vs Champion Qualities

Strong players can often equal particular aspects of the pro's performance, such as the physical work, skill sets and motivation.

But competition pressure is where champion players excel, and bring out their best. Their mental toughness separates them from the rest.

  Strong      Pro
Practice time      Y         Y
Physical training      Y         Y
Determination      Y         Y
Effort      Y         Y
Motivation      Y         Y
Mental Stamina      -         Y
Belief in Ability      -         Y
Pressure Player      -         Y
Deep Focus      -         Y
Consistency      -         Y

A Trained Mind + Trained Body = Ongoing Success

Luckily, most of your standard competitors wont know much about the mind in baseball - and that gives you an enormous advantage.


Mental Training / Hypnosis Programs
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

* "Thanks Craig, my batting has improved heaps with your mind training. I lent it to my friend for a couple of weeks and I am pretty sure his pitching improved as well".

* "I believe I forgot to tell you how well your hitting program worked for my son Drew. When you started using your program his hitting improve dramatically. 12-year-old players here in the states go to Cooperstown New York and play in a weeklong tournament. Up until that tournament drew it hit one out of the park homerun. That week he hit six! Thank you so much for your program.".

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