Revolutionize Your Golf Game - with Your Mind

Strengthen Consistency & Results from Within

Successful golf requires strong levels of "switch-on / switch off" concentration, mental stamina, clarity of thought, mental consistency - and most of all - a constant foundation of positive and relaxed goal-directed thoughts. 

Do You Experience Loss of Confidence, Consistency or Concentration on Competition Day or on Difficult Shots?

Luckily most weaknesses on the course can be strengthened and overcome - using mental training, which is what I have taught for several decades.

Common Golf Issues:

* First tee nerves before beginning your round

* Fluctuations in form and consistency, day to day / week to week

* Recurring issues during your round

* Wavering focus or stroke issues

* Not getting rewards from your practice

* Nagging doubts during your round

* Experiencing anxiety before hitting difficult shots

The slump that Tiger Woods experienced was a classic example of how much our mental outlook can affect our golf - even when our physical game and swings remain unchanged.

Your mind either works for you, or against you on the course - just depending upon how it's been programmed to perform.

Self-sabotage is a common problem, as the pressure of competition often brings out problems which may not exist in practice.

  Keys to Success

Mental training instills a deep calmness and emotional stability, essential for permanent consistency - from hole to hole, round to round.

This includes experiencing the Zone more often - yourabsolute peak level of performance, where the you feel like you can make almost any shot, and your swing feels like pure silk.

Like in practice, for your results on the course remain strong and consistent, your mental training must be fairly consistent as well - it's like going to your inner driving range and putting green, to practice in your mind.

Visualisation is a major part of this process - as picturing, or visualizing, your shots and mentally rehearsing your routines in your mind helps to develop a deep consistency in your game.

As Jack Nicklaus used to say:  "when I walk up to the ball, I go to the movies"

Mind Training Benefits

Regular Mental Training helps to:

* Create a powerful mental blueprint for your strokes and game, within your golf's control center - your subconscious mind

* Overcome nerves, doubts, lack of belief, and negativity

* Remain emotionally calm and in control during your round

* Experience the Zone more often during your round - and improve many other 'intangibles' out there on the course, which combine to create a far stronger and more consistent round

There is a well-known true story of a soldier who was captured during the Vietnam war, and imprisoned in a cage for many years - so to keep his mind busy (and from going crazy), he would visualize every single step, tree and hole on his golf course, every day - as he had been a weekend player who generally scored a round in the 90's on this course.

After finally being released when the war ended, he went home and went and played on his beloved golf course once more - and though he hadnt played for 7 years, he shot a round of 66!

This truly shows The Power of Visualisation in golf - even without practice. But of course, if you blend visualisation WITH practice, the results are always stronger and more consistent.

Combining visualisation with positive hypnotic suggestion - brings about improvement that simply is not possible by conscious methods, in such a short time.

See below for more information and mind-training products.

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* Audio - 'The Power of Visualisation & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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