How to Overcome Archery Target Panic & Master Performance

Archers have found there is a way of simultaneously improving all areas of your performance, while overcoming recurring barriers to success - and as with those I have worked with, this comes from working at the very control center of your performance, your subconscious.

Do you experience..
  • target panic
  • anxiety of holding in the middle
  • or shooting poorly under pressure?

Archery mental training / hypnosis

Mind Training for Archery
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Mental training is the key - even if just general improvement is your goal. Better still - you customize and tailor it to suit your own personal, exact needs.

Issues such as target panic, which is an involuntary action (much like "the yips" in golf) and often called a form of self-sabotage - lies outside of your conscious control, and cannot be overcome with sheer practice and determination.

These involuntary actions may include locking up below the middle of the bullseye, not being able to bring the sight to the middle, or being unable to do so without shooting prematurely.

This inner anxiety can often sabotage performance through involuntary muscle contraction - which inhibits their level of control when getting the sight to the bullseye, before releasing.

Mental training is effective as it allows you to work directly at your the 'control panel' of your archery - the subconscious.

Target panic affects most archers at some level, and operates much like a computer program, running in the background of your performance - and creating these involuntary reactions that hinder performance.

  Keys to Success

Anxiety cannot be overcome or changed through determination, motivation, pep talks, etc - as involuntary reactions can only be changed at the source (ie. the 'subconscious' level).

This is exactly the place where mental training works.

Due to many archers experiencing this issue, we eventually created a guided hypnosis / visualization recording which specifically addresses these issues at the deepest subconscious level.

This helps archers relax and bring their sight to the middle of the target - and hold it there without anxiety, while executing their shot.

It re-programs the inner archery 'software' running within the subconscious (including the 'muscle memory' for peak efficiency) - where you easily hold the bow steady, effortlessly hold in the middle, and see the target like a basketball.

This occurs when your archery performance flows directly from the subconscious, instinctively on auto-pilot.

The guided visualization mentally guides you visually through the entire experience as well, to program your subconscious with new powerful images which replace the existing 'programs' that may have been holding you back.

Mind Training Benefits

Mental Training Benefits:

* Overcoming and re-programming target panic (and other self-sabotage) at the very source

* Pre-program your shot sequence using visualization to reinforce sucessful technique

* Remaining cool while executing your shot

* Hypnotic suggestion to reinforce your ability to hold the bow steady, and hold in the middle while executing the shot

* Increasing inner belief and self confidence

* Handling self doubts and negative self talk that arise before and during tournaments

* Deeper concentration, ignoring distractions

* Competing at the peak of your powers


Mental Training / Hypnosis Programs
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Thanks a lot for this. The target panic was driving me nuts, and was getting worse the harder I tried. You saved me a lot of sleepless nights".

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