The Boxing Mind - Boxing Mental Training Techniques

Dominate Your Opponents From Within

Most boxers who contacted me over the years needed to overcome their own barriers holding them back. This is how you beat the bigger, better boxers who are meant to beat you.   And doing it under pressure, when it counts most.

Are You Maximizing Your Boxing Potential?

Do You Beat the Boxers You Are Not Meant To Beat?

When two boxers of similar strength, speed, size and ability meet in the ring, they are only separated by who is strongest mentally.

Mental training helps you program your body's control center, the subconscious mind, for boxing success - and you can customize it to suit your exact needs, perfect for your next match and opponent.

It allows you to access all your boxing training, sparring, match experience, knowledge and talent - to 'program' your fight for all the moves, punches and tactics you need to bring out on match day in the ring.

This allows you to pretty much mentally wire yourself for success by 'programming' your mind for each match.

This programming can be done using various different mental techniques - which can access your highest potential in the ring.

Speed, power, footwork, and effectiveness of your moves, punches, reflexes, footwork, and general performance - you have access to everything you will need.

The Master Key Behind Champion Performances

There is a Zen-like principle which runs through boxing - and all sport - where greater power can actually be achieved through less effort.

The 'Zone' is the mental state which delivers the absolute peak performance of your ability, where your punches, moves, footwork and movements flow perfectly, instinctively and automatically, with maximum power and speed - directly from your subconscious mind and muscle memory.

When you are in the Zone, you are very difficult to stop.

You have no fear whatsoever, and you have almost a sixth-sense to anticipate almost every move from your opponent - early, easily, intuitively and perfectly - so you can respond perfectly, in advance.

Top boxers and athletes around the world have this uncanny ability to anticipate their opponent's next move - and this ability resides within the subconscious.

Mental training improves everything - confidence, belief, concentration, focus, motivation to train, speed and effectiveness of movement such as blocks, evading punches, slip, sidestep - as well as the power and accuracy of your attack, punches, jabs, counter punches, stamina etc.

A Power Technique To Program Mind & Body

Visualisation is one of the most powerful ways to access the golden performances from your subconscious - programming your mind with vivid images of your greatest technique, skills, speed and power, on a regular basis. 

Most champions are masters of this technique, and when combined with positive emotions to impress these images within your subconscious, it creates a potent combination that literally wires you for success.

  Keys to Success

Most importantly, you can customize these mental images for each new bout, plus you can reinforce correct technique, such as with slip, sidestep, attack and counter punch, hooks, jabs, blocks, crosses, uppercuts etc, as well as movements - stick and move, stick and jab, slip and move, etc.

Talent is just not enough, these days - you must be unbeatable in the mind as well.   And you will have the edge on your opponents from the very moment they see you.

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- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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