Master Target Shooting, with Hypnosis (Rifle, Pistol, Trap)

The steady hand, the sharp eye, deep focus, and the calm mind - mental training delivers your best performances when it counts most, under competition pressure.

Do Anxiety or Nerves Affect Your Target Shooting During Competitions?

Or Are You a Successful Shooter Looking To Improve All Aspects of Your Technique and Performances Even Further?

Shooting mental training / hypnosis

Mind Training for Shooting
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Mental training allows you to take control of the nervousness and perform with machine-like consistency.

Regardless of whether you use a rifle, air rifle, pistol, handgun, or even a crossbow, mental training strengthens performance - right across the wide range of elite skills required to be successful.

Only different levels of mental strength separate competitors, at the highest level - because the levels of ability and skill are already extremely high. That's why many came to me to improve their mental strength, as they knew the mind was the vital X factor they wer looking for.

The most important aspect of mental training is customizing the imagery, or visualzation, to suit your changing needs for your next events, the venues, gun types, different competitors, etc.

This way you walk into your next competition feeling mentally prepared, because in your mind, you will have already 'performed' at that competition many times in advance.

This allows you to overcome common competition anxiety that forces a lot of shooters to seize up.

It is during visualization where you also reinforce your highest levels of technique (slow-motion imagery sets technique with amazing efficiency), while helping you to master new skills more quickly.

This adds a new dimension to your rifle, pistol or trap performances - a kind of "secret weapon" your opponents do not have at their disposal.

  Keys to Success

Those who are equipped with both strong physical shooting skills - plus who are also mentally tough - become a true force to be reckoned with, at any level of competition.

It's that slight edge which sets you apart from the rest.

This allows all kinds of target shooters using rifles, air rifles, shotguns, pistols, airsoft pistols, revolvers, other handguns and even crossbows to mentally prepare for their next event.

You customize the guided visualization each time to suit your changing needs for your next events, the venues, gun types, different competitors, etc.

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits to Rifle, Pistol (or Trap Shooting) Success:

* Overcoming barriers - both long and short term issues

* Increased clarity of mind, and relaxed intensity eagle-like vision and trance-like levels of concentration

* Stronger technique while executing your shot

* Steady hands and perfect trigger control

* Increased self belief in your ability and technique

* Dissolving self-doubt and negative inner dialogue when in the heat of competition

* Breaking out of slumps in form, and thriving under the pressure of competition conditions.


Mental Training / Hypnosis Programs
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I’ve had 3 first place wins in my past three 600 yard matches, besting the 2nd place finisher by a good margin. I also came within one point of setting a new national record here in the US."

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