Be the Best You Can Be, in Triathlon - with the Power of Your Mind

Be the Unbeatable Machine In Competitions

Even for us - it's been surprising, in a power / fitness sport like triathlon, just how massively important mental strength is to results and performance - and what a remarkable difference it makes in these areas.

Triathletes have shown to reap massive benefits from mental training techniques using hypnosis and visualisation - for both mentally preparing for events, and dealing with doubts and other issues on the day.

Many competitors seem to particularly experience intimidation, when they see the size and power of their competitors on the day, and this creates fear, nerves, apprehension, and saps nervous energy... basically all the things that shut down strong tri performance.

Triathlon / triathlete mental training / hypnosis

Triathlon / triathlete mental training / hypnosis

Mental training is an enormously powerful weapon in triathlon - where endurance, energy, instinctive movements and clear thinking are so essential to success.

It is the one thing that separates two or more triathletes of similar talent and physical skills when they compete.

Training your mind allows you to compete in competition events more confidently, compete in pressure situations with a clearer and calmer mind, and fully executing all your training expertise with greater authority whenever it really counts.


It helps you gain more strength and confidence for your weaker leg (if you have one), whether it be the swim (a common stumbling block for some), the bike (eg. the hills, for some competitors), the run (where negative thoughts seem to hinder some athletes), and even occasionally the transitions.

Mental training can also help you to increase consistency, and also, importantly - access The Zone - the mental state that delivers your peak triathlon performances, where you compete at your most freely and instinctively, and which always delivers great results.

As well as this, training your mind ensures that the various types of 'negatives' dont get the best of your tri performances - such as self-sabotage, nerves, doubts, negative thoughts, missed opportunities, fear of success or failure, etc.

Visualisation is one of the most powerful mental training methods used to transform performance at intermediate and elite levels of sport - for mentally rehearsing your performance, reinforcing technique, and many other areas - including pain relief, preparing for particular venues, terrains, environmental factors, competitors, etc.

The mind is a powerful tool which works almost exactly the same way as a computer - it's all about how you program it.

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"I have used the recording about the last 4 out of 5 days. This morning I listened to it and than went out and did my last big training session before the triathlon next weekend. It went great. I swam 110 lengths in the pool which is close to 1 1/2 miles and then biked 29 miles. Everything felt smooth! Thanks".

John S, OK

Due to a great deal of interest from triathletes over the years keen to learn how to power-up their mind and body for events, we created a hypnosis / Visualisation program which guides you through the entire experience, to ensure you are competing at your optimum level at all times.   

This makes mental training more easily easily accessible, and is suitable for all ages and standards, intermediate to elite levels, and young and adult competitors - to transform results over the weeks and months ahead.

Mind Training for Triathlon was specifically designed to improve performance and overcome barriers, from the body's 'remote-control' center..

The program is instantly available by mp3 download for just $24.95


Bonus Subliminal

This powerful program also comes with a complementary additional 'Night-time Subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep (great for insomnia too).

All you will hear is relaxation music - while your subconscious absorbs the powerful hypnotic suggestions playing silently underneath - and continues as you sleep. (NB. subliminal content is identical to the hypnotic content you hear clearly your main recording).

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