Winning the Mind Match: Dominate Your Wrestling Matches - with Mental Toughness

Unleash the Power Within

It's a truly amazing advantage to walk out on the mat armed with a powerful 'secret weapon' your opponent does not have.

Are You a Wrestler Looking for an Edge Against Bigger & Stronger Opponents - plus Overcome Doubts, Nerves or Intimidation? No problem.

Working with competitors over the past 25 years on the mental side of the sport showed me that the control center of your performance - your subconscious - gives you the ability to virtually program yourself for success on the mat.

How Does it Help Performance?

Mind training makes it possible to beat bigger, stronger, and even better wrestlers, and overcome any barrier holding you back.

So what's the down side? There isn't one. This includes improvement in any area of performance you want to focus upon - stronger results, increased aggression, sharpening the quality of your drilling in practice, greater belief on the mat during competitions, better technique... and the list goes on.

Whether your looking to improve your clinches, throws, takedowns, joint locks, pins, grappling holds... mental practice can deliver all the right moves at all the right times - and with all the necessary power and technical delivery you require for a successful result.

Many wrestlers aren't getting the rewards they deserve - instead, they're getting what they expect - deep down at the subconscious level.

What you believe about yourself and your skills, out there on the mat - will always determine the final result.

Hard work in practice does not guarantee success, unless you have a champion's mindset to go with it. Everyone is looking for that slight edge nowadays, because that is what makes the difference - when everyone is working hard at technique, everyone is fit and fast, and everyone is strong.

Champions Use the Power of the Mind

• Jordan Burroughs - the world champion and Olympic gold medalist who is known for his mental toughness and focus. He uses visualization techniques to prepare for competition, imagining himself executing his moves perfectly and overcoming any challenges that may arise.

• Dan Gable - the legendary wrestler and coach who has won numerous national and international titles, also known for his toughness and discipline, and his ability to stay focused and motivated in the face of adversity.

• Kyle Snyder - the Olympic gold medalist and world champion who uses a range of techniques, including visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk, to help him perform at his peak.

• John Smith - the former Olympic gold medalist and current coach who emphasizes the importance of mind techniques in his coaching.

• Cael Sanderson - the former Olympic gold medalist and current coach who encourages his proteges to use mind techniques such as visualization and positive self-talk to help them overcome challenges.

• Adeline Gray - Four-time world champion who uses mental visualization and relaxation techniques.

• Helen Maroulis - Olympic gold medalist and world champion who incorporates mindfulness and visualization into her training.

• David Taylor - Olympic gold medalist and world champion who practices visualization and positive self-talk.

• Kyle Dake - Olympic wrestler who uses mental visualization and relaxation techniques.

• Rulon Gardner - Olympic gold medalist who used visualization and positive self-talk to overcome obstacles.

• Mark Schultz - Olympic gold medalist who used visualization and positive affirmations to prepare for matches.

• Burak Kara - Turkish champion who uses visualization and meditation techniques to improve his mental game.

• Taha Akgul - Olympic gold medalist who practices visualization and goal-setting.

• Erica Wiebe - Olympic gold medalist who uses mental visualization and positive self-talk.

• Aleksandr Karelin - Three-time Olympic gold medalist who used visualization and mental preparation to become one of the greatest of all time.

So you are in very elite company here...

Of course, becoming unwaveringly powerful and 100% focused doesnt happen by accident. Like the physical side, it takes work. Mind training ensures you are taking every possible advantage onto the mat against your opponent - and this inner work is all done off the mat. It helps with these areas of your matches..

Mind Training Benefits

Advantages / Uses

• Moving Beyond Intimidation - believing in your abilities and technique against bigger or tougher opponents

• Bring out your Best on the mat, by working at your body's control center

• Consistency - bring out your best when it counts on the big occasions

• Reinforce & Automate Technical Skills, Technique - bring out the right move at the right time

• Anticipate your Opponent's Moves in advance

• Deeper Focus - and ignoring distractions

• Recovery of Confidence after injury or slumps

Bringing Your Mind Into Your Routine

Bringing these new techniques into your preparation for your next match means that mind and body are both working together during your performance. It helps to ensure that your body's moves will not be self-sabotaged by doubt or lack of belief.

Because we all know the toughest aspect for wrestlers to overcome is not their opponent - its their own personal barriers holding them back...

Self sabotage, nerves, competing against opponents who may have more experience, be bigger, stronger or faster - and technical skills which may not function as well under fight stress, as they do in practice.

Then there the other issues of remaining focused despite distractions and adversity, recurring problems, doubts, fears and negative thoughts.

This is where inner training helps to reprogram a powerful new mindset of strength, confidence and success. As the brain works much like a computer, it's all about how you program it.


One of the prominent methods is using visualisation to mentally instill all the physical combat tools you desire out there during competition - and mentally imagining your fights going exactly as you want them to.

Once you have created a new blueprint in body's inner software, and a fresh new expectation of success, your results can transform very quickly.

And then, of course - success simply breeds even more success. So it is highly recommended you check out the options for expanding your mental toughness.

No matter whether it be sessions with a sports psychologist, dedicated hypnosis recordings (such as ours), listening to audios (such as below) or reading up on some of the powerful mental techniques, such as visualisation - get started now.

Because in 3, 6 or 12 months time - you might be unbeatable.

See below for more information and training products.


Audio Products to Master Performance
by Craig Townsend - Mental Trainer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

"My son was 12 and your training took him to the top. He became the #1 ranked wrestler by USA Wrestling.."


Information on mp3 downloads or customized recordings specifically designed for your sport.

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Audio - 'The Power of Visualization & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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As your sport requires athletes to push themselves to their limits, the levels of sustained focus, endurance, and mental toughness need to be consistently high during every fight - as the major internal challenges are anxiety and stress.

The mind provides a powerful resource which has for centuries helped individuals overcome mental and emotional obstacles, and in recent years has been increasingly recognized as an effective tool for athletes to improve their performance, realize their potential and expand their overall well-being.

Overcoming Match Anxiety

Match anxiety is a common issue for many athletes, including wrestlers. It can be debilitating, causing competitors to struggle with self-doubt, worry, and negative thoughts which can impact their fights - including fear of injury or failure.

Luckily this is where having a rugged internal wiring comes in, which ensures your thoughts and beliefs continue to focus upon your strengths, and your abilities cannot be questioned - no matter how much they are challenged.

Endurance, Performance and Recovery

It can also improve and accelerate your recovery time from injury, while helping in your training - to increase endurance, improve physical results, reduce fatigue, and increase motivation so you can perform at your best for longer periods of time.

There really are not any areas you cannot pre-prepare for, before you get to the fight.. you can visualise any aspects you wish to focus upon.

All these areas below, and more, can be used in your preparation at the cognitive level.

Technique and mechanics for all major moves, such as the single leg, double leg, and high crotch takedowns - as well as grappling skills, takedown defense, pinning and submission skills, top and bottom control (visualizing different positions and transitions), hand fighting and chain wrestling.

You can also use the same techniques to visualise and improve the effectiveness of your practices and training, as well.

Here you can work on aspects like strength and power, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, body control, endurance, pace and stamina, positioning and angles, transition skills, explosiveness, body awareness, athleticism, diet and nutrition.

Whatever skills you practice, you can rehearse at the inner software level, as well - and that will increase their rate of improvement, effectiveness, and results.