Dominate Your Wrestling Matches - with Mental Toughness

Unleash the Power Within

It's a truly amazing mental advantage to walk out on the mat armed with a powerful 'secret weapon' your opponent does not have.

Are You a Wrestler Looking for an Edge Against Bigger & Stronger Opponents - plus Overcome Doubts, Nerves or Intimidation? No problem.

Working with competitors over the past 25 years on the mental side of the sport showed me that the control center of your wrestling - your subconscious - gives you the ability to virtually program yourself for success on the mat.

How Does it Help Performance?

Mental training makes it possible to beat bigger, stronger, and even better wrestlers, and overcome any barrier holding you back.

So what's the down side? There isn't one. This includes improvement in any area of wrestling you want to focus upon - stronger results, increased aggression, sharpening the quality of your drilling in training, greater belief on the mat during competitions, better technique... and the list goes on.

Whether your looking to improve your clinches, throws, takedowns, joint locks, pins, grappling holds... mental training can deliver all the right moves at all the right times - and with all the necessary power and technical delivery you require for a successful result.

Many wrestlers aren't getting the rewards they deserve - instead, they're getting what they expect - deep down at the subconscious level.

What you believe about yourself and your skills, out there on the mat - will always determine the final result.

Hard work in training does not guarantee success, unless you have a champion's mind to go with it. Everyone is looking for that slight edge nowadays, because that is what makes the difference - when everyone is training hard, everyone is fit, and everyone is strong.

Of course, becoming unwaveringly powerful and 100% focused doesnt happen by accident. Like the physical side, it takes training. Mental training ensures you are taking every possible advantage onto the mat against your opponent. It helps with these areas of your wrestling matches..

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits:

* Moving Beyond Intimidation - believing in your abilities and technique against bigger or tougher opponents

* Bring out your Best on the mat, by working at your body's control center

* Consistency - bring out your best when it counts on the big occasions

* Reinforce & Automate Technical Skills, Technique - bring out the right move at the right time

* Anticipate your Opponent's Moves in advance

* Deeper Focus - and ignoring distractions

* Recovery of Confidence after injury or slumps

Bringing Your Mind Into Your Routine

Bringing mental techniques into your preparation for your next match means that your mind and body are both working together during your performance. It helps to ensure that your body's moves will not be self-sabotaged by doubt or lack of belief.

Because we all know the toughest aspect for wrestlers to overcome is not their opponent - its their own personal barriers holding them back... such as self sabotage, recurring problems, nerves, doubts, fears and negative thoughts.

This is where training the mind helps to reprogram a powerful new mindset of strength, confidence and success. As the mind works much like a computer, it's all about how you program it.


One of the prominent methods is using visualisation to mentally instill all the physical combat tools you desire out there during competition - and mentally imagining your fights going exactly as you want them to.

Once you have created a new blueprint in your mind, and a fresh new expectation of success, your results can transform very quickly.

And then, of course - success simply breeds even more success. So it is highly recommended you check out the options for expanding your mental toughness.

No matter whether it be sessions with a sports psychologist, dedicated hypnosis recordings (such as ours), listening to audios (such as below) or reading up on some of the powerful mental techniques, such as visualisation - get started now.

Because in 3, 6 or 12 months time - you might be unbeatable.

See below for more information and mind-training products.

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* Audio - 'The Power of Visualisation & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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