Power & Accelerate Your Swimming Results - with Mental Training / Hypnosis (Pool, or Open Water)

Achieve the Results Your Talent Truly Deserves

When a split second is an eternity, it became a massive race to find that something extra - a secret weapon in swimming. And while the skills I provided them were 'all in the mind' - the body always follows... and so do the results.

Are You a Swimmer or Coach Looking For That Extra 'Edge' - To Power Up At the Swim Meets?

Mental training and self hypnosis techniques have become an enormously powerful weapon in swimming - where instinctive and automatic movement is so essential to success for swimmers.

When pool or open-water swimmers of similar stroking and physical skills meet in competition, their mental strength decides the winner.

Training your mind allows you to swim more confidently with a clearer and calmer mind, and fully executing all your strokes freely and with greater authority.

It gives you the edge over your competitors in the pool (or in the open water, as well) - who will not possess the same internal coping mechanisms to thrive under pressure conditions of racing.

There are probably over a hundred different advantages it provides in racing conditions, in regard to accessing your greatest power, acceleration, perfect sync on your stroking rhythm, increased confidence, handling stress more effectively, etc - but this is a small summary of the main ones below.

Mind Training Benefits

Mind Training Benefits (Pool & Open Water):

* Drop time when it matters most - in the big meets

* Accelerates mastery of new stroke techniques

* Deals with plateaus in times / slumps in form

* Accesses the Zone - the mental swim state that delivers fastest times

* Lets go of negative / emotional thinking

* Overcomes self-sabotage in swim meets

* Moves beyond intimidation from bigger / more

* Deals with pre-race nerves effectively at the meets

* Overcomes sleeplessness the night before a big event

* Overcome excessive worrying about tiny / uncontrollable issues

By bringing regular mental training in your normal practice routine, your attitude, expectation of success, belief, consistency, and most of all, your times and results in the pool - in both practice and the swim meets - quickly begin to transform.  Everything goes up - except your times!

However, just like your swim training, the mind also needs to practice these techniques on a regular basis to get the most out of them, when it counts in the big swim meets. It transfers confidence directly into your your self belief and stroking ability.

  Keys to Success

Visualisation involves regularly and realistically picturing your swim in your mind, the exact way you want to perform during a race.  This helps to program your mind and body for the competition performance before you go out to race.

These mental pictures can be regularly tweaked to suit each upcoming event, venue and conditions.

Techniques such as these provide the quickest and easiest way to establish an advantage over your racing competitors.

This is due to many swimmers not knowing how to use mental training, and so those those who train their mind tend to find they are the only swimmer in their race who are using it. This makes it a kind of secret weapon - in the pool, or open water.


Pool and open water swimming both have their own unique challenges, and so each require different forms of mental strength, just as the physical attributes also vary according to the events you race.

But there is no doubt that if even 5% of the effort that goes into your regular practices was added to the mental side of your sport, you will see some transformational improvements.

See below for more information and mind-training products.

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* Audio - 'The Power of Visualisation & Belief'
- Craig Townsend explains how these transform performance.

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