The Massive Benefits of Creative Visualisation

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is a powerful, safe and well-known way of self-programming your mind for better performance in specific areas of your life.


Visualisation is the simple act of closing your eyes, relaxing your mind, and then vividly imagining a scenario in your mind that you would like to occur in your life.

Sometimes known as mental rehearsal, creative or guided visualisation, or imagery - visualisation is a safe, powerful mental technique used for a wide range of different purposes of self improvement, including various types of self-help, health, business improvement and sports improvement.

When you visualize a scenario repeatedly, it has shown to help create new powerful mindsets, attitudes and results by mentally 'programming' your subconscious mind to attain a specific result we desire.

This powerful computer-like mechanism operates all the 'automatic' processes inside of us 24/7, including our habits, beating our heart, circulating our blood, functioning our cell regeneration, respiration, metabolism, and many other functions.

What Can I Use It For?

It is also excellent for improved physical or mental results and performance.

As well as being used for health, business and sports improvement, this technique can be used to overcome many specific problems and issues as well, also in both the mental and physical realm.

Visualisation taps into your extremely powerful imagination within your subconscious, and sportspeople use this to mentally rehearse their performance which sets up an inner blueprint for their body to follow.

This means that on the day of the competition, their body follows the new instructions on autopilot. Most of our sporting, health, business or self help programs use some form of guided visualisation, to maximize results and performance.

Visualisation is most effective when a person uses it while in a lightly relaxed state, as this allows the busy conscious mind to relax, which opens up more effective contact with the immensely powerful subconscious.

This is why most of our self help and sporting programs all begin with an effective relaxation, to ensure the visualisation is done to absolute maximum effectiveness (as well as for any specific affirmations or hypnotic suggestions recited on the audio products as well).

Refining the Technique

Emotions and realism are also a powerful aspect when visualizing, as the more realistic the images, the more powerful and effective the entire visualisation session becomes.

When you visualize the images, it does not matter what viewpoint you are viewing them from.

That is, it doesnt matter whether you are mentally looking at yourself, or being in your actual body, when you are visualizing the specific scenario - both methods are equally effective, and some even like to use a little of both methods.

But for me, one of the greatest things about visualisation is the way you can personally tailor it to fit your exact needs, at any time.

This gives you a lot of personal freedom with the technique, and allows you to strengthen and grow in the areas you wish to focus upon.

Mind Training Benefits

What Can Visualisation Do For My Health, and for Self Help?

Visualisation can:

* create internal changes within the body, and help the immune system to fight disease, and release healing chemicals such as endorphins and encephalins into the bloodstream

* release long term emotional blockages affecting our life

* release long term stress from your body, which increases functioning of the immune system

* build confidence, inner belief, positive attitudes

* improve relationships

* and so much more

What Can Visualisation Do For Me In Sport?

Visualisation can:

* program your body for a perfect performance

* overcome long-term recurring problems and negative beliefs

* prevent unnecessary mistakes

* help you to maintain your focus

* improves rhythm

* helps overcome technical problems

* overcomes nervousness

* builds confidence, positivity and inner belief

* can assist you to overcome injuries or sickness in quicker time

* learn new skills more quickly

* and many, many other areas of improvement

I believe there are simply no other mental techniques which can influence performance with the same ease and effectiveness as visualisation. It's easy and doesn't take much time, and so it's not only effective but also convenient to fit in with your daily life.

How Safe is Visualisation?

Very safe - in fact, you have been using visualisation all your life, without even knowing!

Every time you have ever imagined a person, place or object in your mind, you are visualizing. The technique of visualizing simply focuses this everyday activity into a more powerful form, like the way a magnifying glass focuses the sun's rays.

What If I cant See Images In My Mind?

No problem at all! Everyone can visualize, whether they can see the images or not.

Remember, visualisation is not only visual - the feelings and emotions can be an even more powerful element, than seeing the actual images themselves.

Visualizing regularly also means that your subconscious mind picks up on exactly what you are trying to visualize, and so it receives the correct messages you are trying to convey. So never worry too much if you can or cant see the images in your mind.

Can Visualisation Improve My Stress Levels, Personal Development, Career, Health, Achieving My Goals, Overcome Fears or Phobias, and Improve Sports Performance?

Yes on all counts - and much more, actually. It is one of the most powerful and diverse mental techniques available to us. These are among the main reasons why visualisation is so popular and used all around the world.

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