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the Mind

Life Success - Mind Power for Life Success

What is the Mind? What it is capable of? How can we harness its power?  What areas of life can it improve?

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Sports Success

Peak Sports Performance

Elite sports professional athletes know the mind controls the body, not the other way around..

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How Hypnosis Works

All your questions answered about hypnosis - how it works, what it does, how you feel, what it can be used for, etc - as well as subliminal hypnosis, as well.

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How the Brain Works

The brain is the most amazingly complex piece of hardware in the world, and leaves computers for dead with its powerful capabilities.  Discover some of its secrets..

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Overcome Fears, Phobias, Anxiety

Many people around the world experience a range of fears, which can create anxiety, stress or panic..

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Break the Weight Gain Habit

Easy tips for breaking out of the old weight-gain patterns, and creating fresh new habits of health and vitality that will serve you for the rest of your long and healthy lifetime.

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Creative Visualization Benefits

One of the powerful ways we can influence our life and our results is through an enormously powerful mental technique, called creative visualization..

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Affirmations Explained

Affirmations, or mantras, as they were referred to in ancient times, are a very powerful mental technique which can bring about great transormation

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Relax - Go with the Flow

Go with the flow", they all say.  What does this mean?   And how can it help us with our life?  And how do we implement it? Questions answered about a powerful life philosophy.

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