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Custom Hypnosis Recordings

"Craig Townsend hits the bullseye with pretty much one shot. On top of being a master of the hypnotic language, Craig has been extremely prompt, efficient, and just overall great in his communication with me.

I first came across him when I downloaded a sports hypnosis track from his site. After I realized how good his sports hypnosis was, I decided to take a gamble and turn to him for a custom hypnotic recording for career confidence.

Right away he went above and beyond, and provided me with SIX different personalized recordings for me to use - all for a very reasonable price.

Not only do I have different personalized sessions for different times of day now, but I also have some to listen to while I sleep and even when I drive.

He has quickly turned me into a believer and a repeat customer, and I hope to work with him again for all my hypnotic needs.

Oh, and one last thing... everyone else might hate me for this, but I honestly believe Craig should be charging MUCH MORE for his personalized hypnosis sessions... they're damn good! :) ".

Jon Reyes
San Diego, California, USA


"Both your voice and the backgrounds are exquisite: I love how you use different backgrounds for different purposes. Your voice, together with the background, puts me instantly into this other-worldy kind of calm receptivity; it's like I'm in that ocean of peace you talk about, and the words you speak surround me, and permeate me, and they feel so believable to my mind!".
Arlene Taveroff, QC, Canada


"Craig did a superb job.  I also liked his method to get the script just right with my input, before he recorded the MP3s.   He was also very accomodating...he was very patient about my additional revisions.  And of course great MP3s!".
Judy, Miami, FL


"Craig Townsend's hypnosis recordings are absolutely fantastic! He has a very soothing, calming voice. I turned to hypnosis in desperation due to a combination of several stressful illnesses. I took a crap shot and feel so lucky to have found his hypnosis website (which is really a steal, $135 for about 6 recordings) including subliminal and clear audio. I have to say he picked up on just the right things to add, which he derived intuitively. With his recordings, I truly feel I'll be alright".
Judy MH, Miami FL.


"I have shared my outstanding experience with you and your services to my friends. Craig is brilliant, truly gifted and capable of incredible things".
Ryan Niddel, OH


"I just wanted to share my experience and help received by Craig Townsend and thank him for my custom hypnosis recordings which are already making massive improvements in my aim to get through some addictions/habits. I explained the 7 addictions/habits to him and amazingly in only 3 days I received my hypnosis recordings for the days and for the evenings.

His responses to any questions are quick, the recordings arent too long either, about 20 mins or so which I have found are easier and more effective than long hypnosis sessions. So I want to thank Craig for his help and cant recommend him enough. Also his rates are cheap for the service he provides, you definitely wont be disappointed".
Bill Maze, UK


Hi Craig, I just wanted to let you know that I notice whenever things begin to unravel for me, I go back to your recordings and they never fail to get me over panic and PTSD reactions so I can quickly get back on track".
M. Klineman, VA


I knew about Craig for several months before I decided to pull the trigger to collaborate with Craig.   I was hesitant to spend $135 to have someone send me a few pre-recorded tracks with my name in them.   I actually looked into and downloaded some software to try this exercise myself.  It is surprisingly much harder than I anticipated to create quality tracks with my voice properly mixed.

To fill the curiosity that had been building up I emailed Craig and from that first email Craig made me feel like I was the only client he was working with.  He spent time writing thoughtful and surprisingly long emails to draw out my past experiences and goals for this exercise.   He made me feel confident and heard every step of the way.

Craig always responded to emails within a few hours and kept me updated with where we were in the process.

He has a true gift in both listening and writing.   I promise you will be happy working with Craig.  I highly suggest you reach out to Craig! This is so much more than a recording.  Craig has already helped get me to the next level of a better self and I have not even began listening to the tracks.  Just the initial discovery exercises provided me much value.   I am so excited to see what the next few months bring.
M. Kopper, OH, USA


"So I placed 2nd in the worlds BJJ and I owe a large part to the mental training customized recording u made for me. This will always be a staple of my competition prep.   I'm impressed with the quality, speed and professionalism, and you can quote me on that! Thks again".
Clinton Grim, CA
2019 Master Worlds 2nd place


"I can't praise Craig enough.  His recordings have helped me rediscover my love for surfing.  After sustaining a few setbacks I'm surfing like a grom again.   Thanks Craig for all your time and patience, you're a legend mate. ".
Davor, NSW, Australia

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Childrens Self Esteem

Children's Self Esteem, Confidence  

"Just wanted to let you I got the recording and already listened to it twice and it's everything I expected and more. I love the affirmations. I honestly think this recording should be in the hands of every parent. My daughter Rebecca feels so special when she listens. I think it's already helped her self image.

This recording is truly amazing. You are speaking all the very things I so want her to genuinely believe about herself. I will do everything I can to encourage and empower her to life a positive, happy life. Glad I have your resources to help me. It is an invaluable gift to give to your child. The gift of a healthy self image that will last throughout their life".
Francine Gugliotta, NY


"This been a godsend for us. In just a week or two we noticed improvements in her self confidence, and we are certain this will make a big difference to her for the future." Jolene P, ND 



Gymnastics / Cheerleading

Gymnastics / Cheerleaders mental training / hypnosis

"We tried everything for my daughter's gym fears, from visits to hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and other therapies, but her fears were not going away. But being able to continually use your recording until the issue completely went away, this made all the difference".
Petra Thomas, CT, USA


"My daughter began getting afraid of doing back handsprings and back flyaways, and eventually completely stopped all back tumbling. All the reassurance in the world made no difference and she was going to give up because she was not enjoying it anymore. I didnt even know these recordings existed, but they were our last hope. She especially loved going to sleep to the subliminal, and has since turned it all around and the problem has disappeared. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you".
Julie K, IL, USA


Soccer ball

"Every team that aspires to compete at a championship level is looking for an edge over its opponents. Craig’s mental training techniques have provided our players with the tools to build a stronger mentality but also a confidence in knowing that they are better prepared than the teams we face".

Paul Habrecht
3x AMC Coach of the Year
Member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America & U.S. Soccer Federation


"This package has everything for our team's needs - great value, thanks".

J. Embery, UK



Tennis mental training / hypnosis

"I had tried several other mental approaches and programs, and had a little success but I found them too vague and not lasting.

I found that using Mind Training for Tennis program daily changed all of this for me. I've had unbelievable success, and I know there is no way I would have had the success I've had without it.  The daily exercise feeds positive thoughts, images and calmness to my subconscious on a daily basis, and I've been able to recognize and keep those negative thoughts at bay.

This was a HUGE step for me. I now am much more calmer and think positively.   It is a part of my daily life now - the powerful images I visualize, relaxation and hypnotic suggestions are changing my outlook to handling tough tennis matches".

Tom Daria, USA


"Hi Craig. I am returning for another purchase from your collection having experienced first hand the amazing powers from your programs. I bought "Mind Training for Tennis" about 1 - 1.5 yrs ago and I can say with all honesty that my game has gone from a 4.0 to a 4.5 thanks entirely to your program. It has worked wonders to my game, which was not lacking in technique but was held back due to the mental weaknesses and your program has made me a very mentally strong competitive tennis player.

Further, I've been able to leverage lessons from your program and apply them to my professional life which has helped me work wonders there as well. Thank you for your pioneering work in this area and for so magically and so enormously transforming the lives of the people who've come to know your work and apply it as it should be and experience life changing results in their lives. Thanks,

James Arnold Jr, MA


"Great product - your voice really calmed me and I went on court for my match determined to think confidently about my shots and not let my negative conscious thought take over.  Great after sales support as I had problems downloading and saving the file initially".

Michele-Ange Anderson




"I believe I forgot to tell you how well your hitting program worked for my son Drew.

  When you started using your program his hitting improved dramatically.   12-year-old players here in the states go to Cooperstown New York and play in a weeklong tournament. Up until that tournament drew it hit one out of the park homerun.  That week he hit six! Thank you so much for your program.   I’ve attached one his clips from the week that you can use if you would like".
M. Caprara, KS

"Thanks Craig, my batting has improved heaps with your mind training. I lent it to my friend for a couple of weeks and I am pretty sure his pitching improved as well".
B. Jackson, KS


Two Dancers

"Craig: I just wanted to let you know that with only 1 week of listening to your recording, my daughter placed 5th in her dance competition (out of over 100 of the top dancers in our region) and qualified for the World Championships!

Even her teachers commented on how very confident she seemed on stage...I only told them later about the positive imagery recording. She's always had the technical ability, but would get too nervous at competitions.

I must say that listening to you for that short amount of time must have made a's the only thing we added into her training. She plans on continuing to listen to the recording every day that she has the time as she prepares for the World's. Thanks!"


"Hi Craig - I am just back from competition - a bit exhausted but wanted to drop you a note. Thank you so much for your recording for dance - I believe it helped me quite a bit in a very short time! My only regret is that I got it less than a week before competition.

One of my biggest battles when competing has been nerves; I got so much anxiety in the on-deck area that I was unable to relax and dance my best. This competition I was relaxed, talking and laughing with people in the on-deck area and confident walking onto the floor. My dancing was good and I placed well in all of my heats (International Standard - 5 first place, 3 second place, 2 third place and a second place in a 5-dance championship which I am extremely pleased with!).

Most of all, I was relaxed, focused and present while I was dancing where in the past I sometimes let anxiety take me out of my body so I danced on autopilot. I will continue to use the recordings as I prepare for my next big competition, and since I will have so much time to use them I expect I'll see even better results. Thank you again".
Ellen Simes, USA


Golf mental training

" Hi Craig, I have always been a great striker if the ball, but negative thoughts have plagued me for years, consistently undermining my performance. I reckon such negativity costs me 5 to 15 shots a round, resulting in me playing off a 11, when I used to be a 6-8 for 30 years.

Last week, having listened to the recording only 4 times, I shot 79 on the very difficult Durban Country Club course. I had one eagle, very narrowly missing a second with a putt stopping a few inches short on a par 5. I hit 4 bad shots the entire round, each one was accompanied by my old negative thoughts prior to the strike, last costing me a 7 on the last hole (shank 130m from the green!), without which I would have shot 76! I am pretty sure I can iron these out with improved confidence and visualization.

I then shot 77, my lowest round in 10 years, could easily have been 70 without a few ‘worms of the head’ moments.

To give you an idea of how powerful this visualization is for me... On 13th hole I had had difficult chip from low point to a very small landing area. I told my playing partners I'd do it 2 feet short, right lip and roll it in the hole, which is exactly what I did.

Next hole, a 40 foot chip, which I needed to pitch 10 foot short, 1 foot right....perfect pitch, in the hole! Next hole, 15th , I was left of the green with an impossible down hill chip on a lightening fast green. I needed to pitch it on the fringe with a high lob wedge and almost stop it before it rolled down to the pin, any more and it would roll off the green. Played a perfect shot, ball rolled down and lipped out! Had the pin been straight (wind had blown it slightly to the left) it would have dropped for 3 consecutive chip ins. Of course this works perfectly if I think of bad things like the bush....that's precisely where it goes.

Its really quite extraordinary Craig; if I can picture the shot, I can play it. It’s really exciting Craig.....makes me wonder what I am capable of if I can eliminate doubt completely. I will keep you posted. ".
Will Batt, UK


"After hours of web-searching for the best priced mind training golf instruction I finally found yours".
Vince Wang, Adamstown, Australia


"Your system works great, along with much practice I shot 76 at my club, down from 120 two years ago. Thanks!"
Laef Fox, USA


"In my last two years of playing high school golf, I used Craig Townsend's recording for golf and it changed my game forever. It helped me truly reach my full potential beyond what my skill and practice had yet done.

After using Craig's system, I went from placing in the top ten at state my sophomore year to individually winning back to back state championships my junior and senior years and earning a golf scholarship at a Division 1 university.

I attribute much of my success directly to Craig's help! Any player who is already working hard on their game but wants an edge to help them reach the next level will absolutely benefit from this mental training just as I have! Thanks Craig!"
Dane Christiansen



Swimming / swimmers mental training / hypnosis

"I am writing at the request of my daughter. She has used the program for one month and has seen amazing progress each and every meet. She competed in her first high school sectional yesterday. She cut nearly 8 seconds from one race and 2 from another--both these time cuts were enough to qualify her for a national level meet. 

We asked what she attributed this to, and without hesitation, she said "Craig Townsend".  She is faithful to the program and truly feels her success is attributed to you (and her continued hard work). I'd be glad to let the world know about your amazing program and how grateful we are that we found it. Thank you, again, for all you've done. Your program is nothing short of amazing.
Amanda Love, USA


"I have listened to your program a number of times now and I am most impressed. I also gave it to a friend who used to be a National swimmer and she too thought it was excellent. This is a program I would encourage coaches encourage their top and elite swimmers to buy".
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III
* Life Member Australian Swimming Coaches Association Victorian Branch
* Convenor of the Victorian Swimming Coaches' Education Committee 15 yrs
* Australian Swimming Coaches' Association Award for "Contribution to Teaching of Swimming".


"My daughter had experienced a few health issues that affected her competitive swimming ability. We resolved those issues but were left with a string of poor performances at meets resulting in frustration and a loss of confidence. I got a quote from a sports psychologist which would have been a minimum of $750.00 with no guarantee of success.

We chose to try your Mind Training for Swimmers technique and she has faithfully listened every day for about 45 days. We just completed a Regional swim meet and she got 4 personal bests include the 100 fly.

This used to be her best race, but she hadn’t had a personal best in about 1.5 years in this race. When she completed the race and look up at her time, she pumped her fist like she had just won the Olympics.

I have never seen her do this before. Mind Training for swimmers has restored her confidence and renewed her love of swimming. I have listened to Mind Training for swimmers and it appears to me that every word and intonation was carefully chosen – probably refined over several years, resulting in a product that exceeded all my expectations. Not only does it work, but it was crafted so that she was convinced at the first listen that it was worth the effort of listening every day.

She has not missed a single day. When she got home from the last meet of the season, guess what she did, listened again to Mind Training for Swimmers. She got personal bests in 4 of 6 races which hasn’t happened in years for her. I am convinced you solved her confidence problem. Thanks so much".
Dan Sirkis


"Craig - thanks a LOT for that visualization you sent us! The kids like it better than any other program they have heard, because it applies directly to swimmers. It is really terrific and we are thoroughly enjoying "mind training" better than ever before! As a coach, I really like the way you talk to the swimmer's subconscious mind on the recording. You are so positive, so encouraging - everyone needs to hear that kind of talk regularly. It makes you feel so good just listening to it. A really great part of a fantastic tape. Thanks!"
Jane Klembarsky
Swim Coach, USA


"Your program is remarkable. While my son is young, I knew he had the discipline and desire to apply it. He has already shown marked improvement in all his times at recent meets and his practices have been much more consistent. He is very happy with it. We really want to explore the whole concept more. I use a lot of visualization when I ride and knew this would work. Thanks so much".
Jeanne Dolan, USA


"I would just like to say thanks for such a wonderful product. My daughter is only 11 and although has huge potential has been unable to overcome the mental side of team mate psych-outs, and was unaware of the methods sometimes used even at this age.

After swimming very poorly at a recent qualifying meet I purchased the program in the hope that it would have an effect on her at State champs which were only 2 weeks away. We have followed the program for just 10 days and the results were fantastic.

We came home with 100% Personal Best rate and 3 - 4 second 'personal bests', 3 finalist ribbons and 7 State qualifying times. She told me on the way home from the meet that she will not stop using the program as it has made a big difference to how she feels and thinks before, during, and after she has swam. She now BELIEVES in herself and her ability which just shone on the weekend.

So thank you again and we look forward to further great results".
Carol Trager, NSW Australia


"Your swimmers eBook program is full of great ideas and thoughts and has been written for swimmers. I believe this is an excellent book for senior swimmers, but to me it is a much needed book for swimming coaches.

Although the book has been written for swimmers it could be used for anyone involved in competitive sport. In all, a great 'ebook' that could assist any coach in any sport and competitors."
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III
* Life Member Aust.Swimming Coaches Association Victorian Branch
* Convenor Victorian Swimming Coaches' Education Committee 15 yrs
* Australian Swimming Coaches' Association Award for "Contribution to Teaching of Swimming".


"I was having trouble competing against bigger, older, and stronger swimmers. Thanks in part to your mental training exercises, I have been able to drop a good amount of time in my events!

My season was interrupted so it was very difficult to taper properly for the state meet - I used your book to help me focus on what I needed to do to accomplish my goals, not pleasing others or meeting time standards out of my range.

In the past, people told me I was tense but didn't offer me a way to cope with nerves, and your book gave me the tools I could use.

At the state meet I dropped a good amount of time, better than I could have imagined considering the awkward taper situation. Even better, I felt very in control of myself on deck and in the water.

So thanks for the putting in the time to write a book so useable to someone as young as I am, and I hope you keep writing more books like this".
Joshua Jackson, CA, USA


"The program is amazing! I've noticed a major improvement in my confidence, and I find I'm no longer worrying about things before a swimming race so much.

I actually look forward to doing the visualization exercise, and I couldn't be happier with my results! Thanks again".
Stuart Meares, former World Champion - Masters Surf Life Saving Championships, Australian Masters National Record Holder 100m Individual Medley


"Dear Craig:
I bought your ebook Mind Training for Swimmers with some trepidation never having bought an ebook before and not being a swimmer.

I am 52 years old and just learning how to swim for the first time. I was hoping your book would help me even though I am not swimming competitively and indeed it has.

I continually apply your techniques and I have done amazingly well in the pool. My first formal swimming lesson was September 10, 2008. I have had eight lessons to date and I practice three times per week.

I have learned the front crawl (freestyle), the backstroke, the elementary backstroke and I am currently learning the breaststroke. I have even successfully done kneeling and standing dives!

I know what needs work (especially the front crawl) and work on those areas while simultaneously applying the numerous techniques you present in your book. I am learning and improving constantly and I feel like a champion.

My instructors and the lifeguards are all in their 20s; they are very proud of the progress I have made. My husband and I swim together; he encourages me and is very proud of me.

So, perhaps you thought your book was only for competitive swimmers, but it applies to beginners as well. I know I would not have come this far this fast without your book.

Thanks so much!
Very truly yours,"
Alene Scoblete



Wrestling mental training / hypnosis

"My son was 12 and your training took him to the top. He became the #1 ranked wrestler by USA Wrestling at the 95lb weight class, and he made it there partly because of YOU. My son won the ultimate award in wrestling, the triple crown - three national titles. You are a great man and may God bless you and your family".
Jeremiah Nelson

Distance Running

Distance Running mental training / hypnosis
Distance Running mental training / hypnosis

"Hi Craig, Today is my first day back at work and I couldnt wait to email you. I purchased your program at the beginning of July. I ran the San Francisco Marathon and this past Sunday, I ran my very first Ultra Marathon (31 miles).

I was a nervous wreck for these races once July 1st came. I decided to purchase your Mind Training to help me relax and focus on the races. Not only did I successfully finish both races but I've never felt better during the races and the rest of my training runs.

Besides the usual aches and pains from running I felt incredible throughout the marathons. My breathing was on target, I had no cramps, I stayed focused and mostly I had an up beat and positive attitude the whole entire race.

Even my friends who came to cheer me on told me that they couldnt believe how strong I looked after hours of running. I know this was due to your running program. I was skeptical at first and wondered if it would really work but I am amazed my your program. I just wanted to say thank you very much and I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future. Thanks again".
Dana Zarlenga


"I brought your program earlier in the year. I love it! I wanted to say thank you very much! I really notice it working and you are sooo right the result of a race really is determined before getting to the starting line. I really wasnt sure I believed it until now".
Su-Lai Hamilton, CO, USA


Pool / Billiards

Pool Billiards Snooker mental training / hypnosis

"I just wanted you to know that I bought your hypnosis for pool and I was skeptical at first but not anymore. I bought it in September and have played it for 5 days a week, sometimes six. I then play the subliminal recording before my matches.

I’m seeing results and it’s hard to believe that it’s because of the recordings but after last night, I’m a believer. I played very well and I noticed I played in a relaxed state and took my time and played the game I should always be shooting.

I know it also has to do with my practicing over the off-season but that is just for shooting better. My mind has to be in the right place and it hasnt been for quite some time. Now with the two together, I’m doing very well. Thanks for the help".

Martial Arts

martial arts

* "So I placed 2nd in the worlds BJJ and I owe a large part to the mental training customized recording u made for me. This will always be a staple of my competition prep. I'm impressed with the quality, speed and professionalism, and you can quote me on that! Thks again".
Clinton Grim, CA
2019 Master Worlds 2nd place

Winner Jake Klau who uses Mental Training

"Your hypnosis came in handy! I felt great mentally physically and very focused emotionally! Thanks".

Jacob Klau, Fort Worth, TX


Boxing mental training / hypnosis

"I want to commend and thank you again. I sparred Friday and again today. I am a different boxer. Both of my coaches both said "You're really improving, great job." That means a lot because they rarely give compliments! It's a wonderful tool that you have created!"
Jacob Klau, Forth Worth, TX