How The Brain Works

What is the Human Brain? What Does it Do, And How Does it Work?

The human brain is a powerful and complex mechanism which controls and regulates all the body's actions, and responses. It uses 20% of your body's blood in order to run all its various functions.

Utilizing the powers of the mind - which might be regarded as the software, or as the flow of electricity that powers the hardware of the brain - it receives, analyzes and responds to information that it collects via our senses.

It controls virtually every area our physical body and our mental processes, including heart rate, breathing, balance, posture, coordination of movement, thinking, memory and learning. The human brain is made up of a left and right side, which each have very different functions and abilities.

The human's left brain functions with logic, facts, details, order and pattern perception, safe, practical, forms strategies and is reality based.

The human's right brain functions using emotional feeling and imagination, symbols and images, belief, fantasy, creative new possibilities, and is naturally impetuous and risk taking in its nature.

Thoughts are generated within the brain with electrical impulses, which travel along neurons inside brain, known collectively as white matter - these are are much like tiny roads throughout the brain, about 100,000 miles of neural pathways.

Every time you have a new thought or mental stimulation, you create a new neural pathway connection, adding to the vast network of communication that goes on within the brain, and of course, your body which it commands.

This is referred to as brain plasticity or neuro-plasticity, and is a highly encouraging fact for our continuing evolution and improvement as a human being.

  Keys to Success

When we have repeated or common thoughts, or with the use of mental training or visualisation, we create stronger and stronger versions of the neural pathways within the brain, which are called neural freeways.

Once we have created these neural freeways, it literally makes these thoughts far easier to think about and focus upon - which is great if the thought is a positive one, but can also have highly negative ramifications for those who have negative or addictive thoughts and tendencies.

While new neural pathways can be created by thinking about a particular subject over an extended period for many hundreds of hours, hypnosis techniques make direct contact with the powerful subconscious mind, which create a powerful shortcut to neural pathway creation - and of course, the new thoughts, habits and behaviors which go with them.

This is one of the major reasons why we create mental training products for a wide range of different areas, to help create positive new patterns within your life.


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