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Feature Article - The Secret That Turned Roger Federer's Career Around

22. Winning Mental Techniques for Players

21. How Djokovic Made the Transformation To Become No. 1

20. What Your Opponent Doesn't Want You To Know

19. Behind The Rise of Rafa - And What You Can Learn From Him

18. Building Belief and Momentum

17. Handling Those Big Match Occasions

16. Winning Body Language In Matches

15. Creating Momentum In Your Matches

14. The Secret To Mental Strength In Matches

13. Win Matches Through Your Attitude

12. Extract Mental Tips From The Greats

11. Why You Should Never Be Intimidated By Your Opponent's Talent

10. Develop Your Mental Strength In Practice

9. How To Win Matches You Should Lose!

8. Playing Higher-Ranked Opponents in Tournaments

7. Winning When You Are Not Playing Well!

6. Mental Strength Wins Matches

5. Practicing Great, But Not Winning In Tournaments?

4. The Awesome Power Of Body Language In Tennis

3. You Are Always Talking To Yourself On Court

2. The Zone

1. Visualisation Will Increase Your Inner Belief


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Zoning - Accessing the Zen State on Court

Create a Success Formula for Your Players

Winning Through Pure Relentlessness




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"The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited". Craig Townsend

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