How Affirmations / Mantras Work

What are affirmations, mantras and self talk?  How do they work?  Are they effective?  What can I use them for?

Affirmations, sometimes called mantras or self talk, are a auditory mental technique which can be used to create new mental processes and positive new results in your life.

These are often used in the areas of self help, health, business or sports improvement.

An affirmation can be just a few words, or even a short statement, which is then mentally repeated at regular intervals until the subconscious mind accepts it, and begins to go to work at bringing this command to fruition in your life.

Affirmations have the ability to change negative thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs, and athletes also use them to create new mental programs in their mind for their bodies to follow when they are competing.

We also use affirmations on our mental training and self help programs during the relaxed state, in the form of hypnotic suggestions, to bring about positive change in your life via your powerful subconscious mind.

They can be used in any area of life, to focus the subconscious positively on whatever area we choose.

Some people use affirmations throughout their day, during the normal awakened state - simply by repeating a particular affirmation, internally in their mind over and over again - literally bombarding their subconscious with one repetitive thought, over and over again until it accepts it.

This is because during the normal awakened state, the conscious mind often blocks much of the information from getting through.

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However, constant repetition of an affirmation is not required when in the relaxed state - which automatically opens the window to the powerful subconscious.

This allows the affirmations to be accepted effortlessly into the software of our mind, without massive repetition required.

Affirmations are are perfectly normal technique because whether we realize it or not, we have a constant inner dialogue going on within our minds, all day long!

The problem with this is that our inner-talk is not always as positive as we would like it to be, and so this is where affirmations come in very handy - because instead of mentally criticizing ourselves, we instead repeat a positive affirmation to ourselves to keep our mind focused on the positive.

This blocks the flow of negative thoughts and helps to program your subconscious for whatever goal you have focused it upon, with your affirmation.

It's estimated that 60,000 thoughts a day flow through our minds, and so with affirmations, this is a time when you actually get to choose what you want your mind to think, instead of allowing it to randomly run negative thoughts as can so often do.


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"Your mind can just as easily show you an ocean of abundant opportunities, as it can the opposite. It just depends what you focus upon". Craig Townsend