Men Can Banish Sexual Performance Anxiety from Their Lives Forever - with Hypnosis

Reclaiming your Sexual Confidence & Freedom in Bed

Some issues seem to be common all around the world, and this is certainly one of them - and men are famous for suffering in silence with it. But there is actually no need, or any reason for the embarrassment of visiting clinics etc - as the issue can be erased easily, all from your own home.

Looking for an Effective, Natural and Drug-Free Way To Erase Male Impotence or Premature Ejaculation from your Life?

Performance anxiety in bed creates symptoms which are an unconscious habit - where we have no conscious control over the reaction whatsoever.

This can be brought on by a range of different forms of stress - such as work or relationship issues, past sexual experiences, as well as social or cultural pressures, along with underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety disorder.

This issue describes both these following conditions which men commonly suffer from - which can often be addressed at the control center - the subconscious.

For the thousands of men and their partners who have contacted me - as I have worked in this area since 1997 - impotence (sometimes called erectile dysfunction) and also premature ejaculation are very personal issues which plagues an enormous amount of men, of all ages, around the world - and often dramatically affects confidence and self-esteem levels.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and I have worked with a vast array of clients and intimacy issues over the years, to help them overcome issues and challenges, improve their love life, and realize their full potential in relationships.

Both these conditions, like many other issues, are simply a type of mental 'program' running on our internal software - in this case, a sexual performance anxiety program.

These issues run within the computer of our subconscious mind, the same way as a computer runs software - and giving the same result, again and again - until we change it, right at the very source.

This means that until the inner 'blueprint' is changed on our inner software, the external difficulties in bed tend to continue.

A major reason for this is as impotence and premature ejaculation are involuntary - this means that no matter how much a sufferer consciously tries to achieve an erection or hold back their orgasm and ejaculation, the subconscious overrides this command every time.

In fact, unfortunately it is very true to say that the harder you try, often the worse it gets.

This can cause loss of confidence, embarrassment and sometimes even a sense of loss of masculinity - regardless of the fact that you are certainly no less of a man for experiencing these extremely common and worldwide symptoms.

Because the symptoms are out of men's conscious control, sheer determination is virtually useless in these circumstances, and the issue often remains for months or even years, while so many men suffer in silence.

There are very few issues which affect the male psyche as much as this one.

While levitra, viagra, cialis and other treatments can help to ease the symptoms, drugs can often cause other problem issues.

Disadvantages to Drug Treatments

* Decreased Sexual Pleasure

* Dependence and Addiction

* Side Effects

* Interference with Natural Sexual Function

* Embarrassment from After-Effects

* Financial Cost

* Sleeping Problems

* Dependence and Addiction

* Side Effects

* Interference with Natural Sexual Function

* Financial Cost

* Damaged Relationships

* Legal Consequences

Then of course there are other non-drug treatments, such as the squeeze technique, vacuum devices, penile implants, and vascular surgery....

But most people find it better and less intrusive to deal with the issue right at the control center - and erase it from their life, forever.

And this can all be done from the convenience from your own home, using a simple relaxation / hypnotic exercise.

Luckily, when it is addressed right at the very source of its programming - the subconscious level - this issue can be removed from your life remarkably easily, just like so many other deeply ingrained, unconscious habits.

By deleting the issue right at its 'software' level - or control center - your mental circuits literally become "re-wired" so your body's automatic response to lovemaking are restored back to its natural settings - ie. naturally achieving male arousal and a strong erection for impotence sufferers, or for being able to hold back ejaculation until the desired time during lovemaking, for those currently experiencing premature ejaculation.

From my experience with clients over the past 25 years, this is the only sure way to ensure either of these issues never return - by removing them at the very source - forever, from mind and body.

Reset Your Own Internal Wiring - And Restore Your Natural Sexual Settings

Some habits in our life become so firmly ingrained and automatic we no longer have easy "manual" access within our control to change them, by simply changing the externals.

And this is fairly true of sexual performance anxiety - which becomes an automatic bodily response.

The subconscious is where all our habits, choices and internal wiring reside - where many of our mind's installed "programs" can be changed to better suit our healthy lives. 

When it comes down to it, it's the mind that controls the body. And so even those who have suffered long-term symptoms of sexual performance anxiety, can make remarkable transformations when they make the internal changes at the inner "wiring" or programming level.

The internal changes are necessary as otherwise the changes rarely last. Permanent change must always be made from the inside, out - before it truly becomes permanent.

The mind can just as easily work for us, or against us, purely depending upon how it is programmed - which is a type of self-sabotage.

So it's important that your mind is serving your greatest needs, such as your right to enjoy a healthy loving sex life.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are some of the most destructive issues to a man's self esteem and confidence, and so it is an incredibly powerful affirmation of your own inner power and confidence when you are able to overcome either of them - permanently.

This applies even more so when the issue has been successfully removed by the sheer power of your own mind.

This brings us to hypnosis, and how it can help with these issues - either in the form of either consultations with a qualified hypntherapist, or a hypnosis recording which you can use from home.

  Keys to Success

Main Benefits of Hypnosis:

Safe, Easy and Natural
- hypnosis is completely safe and natural to the mind and body, allowing your own mind's natural processes to make the changes - which is the easy and healthy alternative to many solutions available these days.

Visits VS No Visits - See a Hypnotherapist, or Use a Hypnosis Recording from Home
- which for some can save the common embarrassment many men seem to experience from repeated visit clinics (even though there is no need for this, as it is a bonafide health issue).

Effective Stress Relief
- as stress often lies at the base of this and many other issues, removing stress (which hypnosis does effectively with alpha or theta-level relaxation) brings about a wide range of health improvements.

Privacy and Discretion
No matter which way you utilize hypnosis, it will be with privacy and discretion assured.

Both methods utlilize hypnotic suggestions to allow your subconscious to release this issue from your life, and move back towards strong healthy sexual performance.

Naturally you remain in complete control the whole time, and at the finish, you are easily guided back up to an awakened, refreshed state.

Once you have been using hypnosis on a regular basis for 4-6 weeks (or less), you generally notice improvements in your sexual performance and a steady decrease in your current symptoms.

Simply continue until you are completely happy with your results. There are definite signs of improvement to look for - such as noticing longer and longer periods of time elapsing between symptoms, increased interest in sex and improved confidence and sexual performance, etc.

The long-term benefits of a relaxed and healthy sex life, including major stress release and improved blood pressure, are well documented - so now is the time to seek the solution - release this issue from your life, once and for all.

As men's sexual performance anxiety is characterized by excessive concern or worry about one's ability to perform sexually, it can include a range of different anxieties - not only for maintaining an erection or ejaculating too early, but also achieving orgasm, being about to relax during intimate activity, or simply satisfying their partner.

As previously mentioned, there are several strategies that can be used to overcome these issues.

The use of relaxation techniques, including hypnosis and visualization (and particularly home recordings) are extremely popular (which is also due to their privacy to avoid disclosure or the chance of embarrassment).

These also help to change your cognitive thinking, reframe negative thoughts and turn negative beliefs about performance into more positive ones.

But there are also some more straightforward lifestyle actions which can be of assistance, such as communicating openly with your partner, which can help to reduce anxiety, increase support, and also improve your relationship.

Other lifestyle changes can also be of help, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep - which can all help to reduce anxiety and improve overall health.

For some, it may be a combination of different treatments which some may find works best, depending on the underlying cause of your anxiety. A combination of therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes may be necessary for some people to effectively manage the issue.