The Path to Deeper Connections: How Hypnosis Overcomes Fear of Sexual Intimacy & Relationships

Create an Intimate Emotional Connection in Your Relationships and Love Life

Many people around the world hide their true selves away from true intimacy, emotional closeness, vulnerability, or commitment in intimate relationships - often preferring isolation or even one night stands, rather than develop a close and meaningful relationship.  But deep down, a deep emotional connection is very much the desire of most human beings.

Are Your Relationships Lacking Intimacy, Closeness or a Deep Emotional Connection?

Or Looking To Deepen Your Relationships - All From the Privacy of Your Own Home?

A fear of real intimacy is extremely common, and can create a recurring list of broken relationships in our life - and in some cases, create an internal preference for shorter personal encounters which require less emotional connection.

Issues such as these can become an unconscious habit we take with us throughout our life, which we have no conscious control over, whatsoever.

Common Causes of Intimacy Issues

• Communication difficulties
Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and a draining of emotional intimacy in a relationship

• Trust issues
Trust is a crucial component of intimacy. If one partner has been betrayed or hurt in the past, they may struggle to trust their current partner, which can hinder the feelings of closeness

• Differences in sexual needs and desires
Differences in sexual desires and needs can cause conflicts

• Inadequate emotional connection
Emotional connection is essential, and if this connection is lacking, it can lead to difficulties in this department

• Past traumas
Past traumas, such as sexual assault, abuse, violence or neglect, can cause difficulties leading to emotional or psychological barriers to connection

• Inadequate time and attention
Creating a close connection requires time, effort, and attention. A lack of any of these can lead to decline in feeling and emotional connection

• Stress and fatigue
Stress, fatigue, and other life demands can take a toll on a relationship

• Health issues
Physical or mental health issues can also impact a relationship

• Childhood experiences
Childhood experiences of neglect, abandonment, or abuse can lead to this fear developing as an adult

• Attachment style
An insecure attachment style - the pattern of behavior and emotional responses which are formed in childhood, can cause this issue in adulthood

• Low self-esteem
Low self-esteem can cause difficulty opening up emotionally and fearing rejection

• Relationship history
Negative experiences in past relationships, such as infidelity or betrayal, can cause fear of intimacy in future relationships

• Social anxiety
Individuals with social anxiety may fear intimacy because of a fear of being judged or rejected.

• Cultural or religious beliefs
Particularly beliefs that emphasize the importance of modesty, chastity, or sexual purity can also contribute

• No clear cause
It can also occur without any clear cause.

However, hypnosis can be helpful in all these areas, as it can make the internal changes at our emotional control-center (our subconscious mind), which allows the fear of emotional or sexual intimacy to evaporates, dissolve, reduce - and often disappear completely.

Needless to say, the results can be extremely apparent when you find yourself feeling relatively comfortable in an unfamiliar close emotional relationship, for the first time in many years (or ever).

For everyone, including the many people who have contacted me over the past 25 years about this, these are deeply personal emotional issues which affect lives and relationships at their very core, all around the world.

Fear of close or intimate relationships, similar to numerous other fear issues, is simply a type of mental 'program' running within us on our internal software.

This program can often produces the same result in our relationships, again and again - until we finally change it, right at the very source.   

As most fears are involuntary, no matter how much you consciously try to achieve intimacy in a relationship, your 'default settings' do not allow it.

In fact, often the harder we try, the worse it gets - and this can cause loss of self esteem, regularly-broken relationships, and sometimes a revolving door of physical encounters - situations that occur simply because of fear which is beyond your conscious control.

And this is fairly true of fear of intimacy - which basically becomes an auto-pilot, automatic response which sends out warning signals every time you begin to become close to someone.

But when the fear is addressed at the subconscious level, your automatic responses to relationships and intimate situations becomes no longer one of fear, but acceptance. 

It is your right to reclaim a healthy loving, emotional relationship and love life.

Due to many people not wishing to publicly seek help for these extremely personal issues, I created a hypnosis recording to help my clients overcome their trust issues in emotional and sexual relationships - and regain control of their love life and self confidence.

Customers have much preferred using a track from the privacy of their own home, while the powerful hypnotic suggestions go to work immediately to re-set the mind to welcome new levels of intimacy in your life.

Of course, there are always more standard ways of achieving things as well - and some of these would include:

Identify the root cause of your fear

Learn to communicate effectively with your partner

Practice self-care and self-compassion

Seek therapy or counseling

Challenge negative thoughts and beliefs

Learn to trust yourself and others

Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Develop healthy boundaries

Build a support network of friends and family

Take small steps towards intimacy

Learn to cope with rejection

Practice assertiveness

Learn to set and maintain healthy relationship boundaries

Learn to manage stress and anxiety

Learn to express emotions in a healthy way

Learn to identify and avoid toxic relationships

Educate yourself about healthy relationships

Reflect on past experiences and how they may have contributed to your fear

Work on gaining self-confidence

Practice intimacy in non-sexual ways, such as through emotional or intellectual connection

However, all said and done, the issue lies within (and the mind mind controls all these areas anyway) so it is certainly an area worth exploring further.