Reclaim Sexual Satisfaction & Powerful Climaxes during Lovemaking - with Hypnosis

Women are often the quiet sufferers in love, and are often reluctant to speak up about the issues that they experience with sexuality, and this page is dedicated to one of the most major issues.

Are You a Woman Searching for an Effective, Natural and Drug-Free Way To Achieve Orgasm During Lovemaking?

Then you are in a familiar situation to a many women around the world. Lack of arousal or orgasm are very personal sexual health issues which can seriously impact relationships, sexual satisfaction, and mental and emotional wellbeing - so it is very important not to leave this issue unattended (though sadly most suffer in silence).

Of course, there can be many different causes and reasons related to this issue, though two major areas include  psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, as well as  negative body image or self-esteem issues.   

These involve various types of  'stressors', which can cause an inability to experience orgasm or climax during sex.

This is one of the reasons the condition is often categorized as a form of sexual performance anxiety, as it tends to freeze the natural sexuality process.

Strangely enough, this is actually good news - as hypnosis has shown to be extremely effective at dealing with these types of issues.

As sexual climax is a completely natural, unconscious, involuntary action, unfortunately all the effort in the world does not change the result if there is an issue.

This is because we have no conscious control over it
- which means the remedy must come from working at the subconscious level, or the source of the issue.

This is the exact area hypnosis works with - and has been effective in helping with a wide range of sexual anxiety issues, for both women and also men. Among many other benefits, it can release emotional blockages, dissolve inhibiting stressors, and strengthen self image - and releasing even just one of these can often bring a quick return to climaxes, better and stronger than before.

Many of the women who contact us are looking to avoid drug treatments, which can often cause other health side-effects. This is where hypnosis is the most natural choice, being less intrusive and with zero side-effects.

Because sexual climax is involuntary, this means that no matter how much a woman consciously tries to achieve orgasm during lovemaking, the subconscious simply blocks it from happening - on autopilot.

In fact, most often - the harder you try, the worse and more frustrating the issue tends to become, and it can go on to become a regularly-recurring scenario in the bedroom.

Needless to say, this is a widespread issue around the globe, which can cause loss of self esteem, frustration, emotional imbalance, place pressure on relationships, and even spiral into depression if not watched closely.

Because the symptoms are not within the realms of conscious control, (as well as some who experience embarrassment at the thought of seeking medical help for this health issue) it can often remain for many years unless it is addressed. (Males are also renowned for not seeking help when it comes to their own sexual issues, such as impotence or premature ejaculation).

Luckily, hypnosis can bring about relief through dissolving the source of the issue - which is why it is generally the best form of treatment for deeply ingrained, unconscious issues or habits.

When the emotional blockages are cleared through the hypnotic process, it restores the body's natural automatic responses - ie. naturally achieving strong arousal and building to powerful orgasm.

While there are certainly other treatments available, hypnosis is one of the better long-term solutions when it comes to ensuring the issue does not return.

Hypnosis Benefits for Female Climax

Common Causes

• Life Stress - such as anxiety, financial worries, job loss, divorce etc

• Self-Image problems - self-consciousness about physical appearance, weight, etc

• Guilt about Sex or sexual pleasure

• Depression

• Fear of Loss of Control during orgasm

• Relationship Problems with partner

• Fear of Rejection by their partner

• Emotional Abuse

• Traumatic Previous Sexual Experiences

• Lack of Enjoyment of Sex

All these issues can be overcome with hypnosis. It can free you from the past emotions, stress, anxiety, fears or barriers which have held you back, and allow you to feel more relaxed, free, open and passionate during lovemaking. It begins to feel safe to allow yourself to reach a deeply satisfying orgasm, and of course, the wonderful emotional release it brings.

As you begin to release the inhibitions, you begin to explore your sexuality, as you start to feel more confident, strong, sexy, powerful and desirable in the bedroom. Your sensitivity during lovemaking strengthens and heightens, allowing even more satisfying climaxes - and of course, this builds passion and strengthens relationships.

You give yourself permission to allow yourself to truly enjoy every moment of the experience - without fear, guilt, or worry. You become instinctive again - forgetting about everything else and completely surrendering to the passion.

Achieving deeply intense, pleasurable and satisfying orgasms brings a transformational new energy, attitude, love, vitality and freedom to your life.

And so even those who have suffered a long-term inability to climax, make remarkable transformations when they make the internal changes at the inner "wiring" level, and strengthen their self image.



Of course, there are other areas which can also cause similar symptoms, including lack of stimulation or adequate foreplay, as well as physical factors - such as medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, and certain medications, as well as previous trauma or abuse.

For medical conditions it is best to consult your doctor - while for trauma or abuse, it may be best to consult a psychologist who should be able to assist in these areas.

Of course, in early years, inexperience (by either partner) can sometimes play a part, or a lack of knowledge about the zones of the body which give the optimum sexual responses, can sometimes occur as well.

Meanwhile, there are the usual aspects which are often suggested as well - including:

Communicating with your partner about your desires and needs

• Exploring your own body through self-stimulation

• Experiment with different types of touch and pressure during sexual activity

• Incorporate foreplay and extended stimulation before intercourse

• Use lubrication to enhance sensation

• Try different positions to find what works best for you

• Focus on relaxation and letting go of stress and tension

• Practice mindfulness and being present in the moment during sexual activity

• Incorporate Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

• Experiment with different types of stimulation such as vibrators or other sex toys

• Try masturbation to understand your own body's responses and what is pleasurable for you

• Try different types of sexual fantasies, erotica, or other forms of sexual stimulation

• Try different types of touch such as edging, teasing and erotic massage

• Consider exploring tantra and other forms of holistic sexual practices

• Try to reduce stress, anxiety and tiredness before engaging in sexual activity

Avoid using drugs or alcohol before engaging in sexual activity

• Use your imagination to explore new ways of stimulating your body

Take time to focus on yourself and your body during sexual activity

• Try not to focus on achieving orgasm as the ultimate goal, focus on pleasure and intimacy

• Seek out professional help if you have any specific concerns, such as difficulty achieving orgasm, pain during intercourse, or other sexual concerns

These things certainly do no harm, but again, hypnosis is certainly the next port of call if these options do not work.