Attract Your Soul Mate, Lover or Life Partner - with Hypnosis

Meeting the right person is not always mere luck.  We all subconsciously attract, and repel, people to and from our life without even knowing it. But sometimes this process doesn't work the way we would want it to.  It's ironic that we can often unconsciously repel the very people we desire most.

Looking to Meet the Soul Mate and Life Partner of Your Dreams?

Seeking to Transform Your Love Life, and Become More Magnetic?

Or Simply Tired of Meeting All the Wrong Types?

Your mind is like a magnet, which attracts or repels intimacy, depending upon how our previous life experiences and those around us have influenced our internal beliefs.

For instance, a person with a firm negative belief - eg." there are no decent single (males or females) left  - they're all taken!" would most probably have a reduced chance of being in a meaningful relationship, than the ever-hopeful type of person.

By simply opening your mind to the mere possiblity of a relationship, you can transform your love life and social life very quickly.

This issue is a big one with many people around the globe. Every week people email to say they had been attracting the wrong types, and have been caught in a revolving door of bad relationships.

Some people even resign themselves to being alone, or worse - settling for the wrong person - and quite frankly, we deserve more than this in our lifetime.

Attracting the Right Types

Many people find they get caught in a recurring nightmare of dates with the wrong people, and they can become stuck within this pattern - a bit like the movie Groundhogs Day.

The secret is setting your mind to attract the right person into your life - and it's not as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, your subconscious mind is constantly sending out unconscous signals through your body language, tone of voice, eye dilation etc.

These can have major effect upon the people we 'attract' into our life (and those we wish we had been able to). By taking control of this process, and 'programming' your mind for what you want, it positively changes these signals you are communicating unconsciously - and changes who you attract. 

This strengthens your chances of finding yourself in the right place, at the right time, to meet that right person.

While such a process sounds somewhat 'magical', this is the very same normal intuitive mental ability you use every day.

Like everything else in life, we tend to get what we expect, not what we deserve (and, of course, the people we deserve are not always the ones we attract!).

Setting the Process into Action

Understanding the how the mind operates can change the way we look at life, and hands you the controls to alter your destiny in a positive way.

Once you make the necessary changes to your mindset, you can break out of long-established negative patterns. 

Resetting your mind to attract your soul mate is the key, and this is done using a combination of relaxation, hypnotic suggestion and guided visualisation.

Visualisation, or imagery, is where you mentally picture in your mind - with vivid images and powerful emotions - exactly the way you want your life to be - such as in a loving relationship.

When used correctly, this process effectively programs and activates your powerful internal computer - your subconscious mind - to begin working 24/7 towards transforming your life and attracting people who match your internal programming.

It also allows you to customize your visualisations for the type of person you are wishing to attract - visualizing the qualities you would like to have in your life partner.

Your subconscious then begins filtering people you meet in your daily travels - and steering you in the direction of people who fit the profile.

This mental targeting is a natural process has already been working all your life without even without you knowing - but often attracts the wrong people unless we take charge of the controls.

This is why people commonly and unknowingly sabotage their chances of happiness and relationships.

This is the unfortunate flip side of the power of the mind - just like a magnet, our mind can just as easily and powerfully attract who we dont want.

Mentally Strengthening Your Inner Attraction

So it is important to work with our thoughts and emotions to ensure that we are not sabotaging our happiness and relationships - and that we attract only the best people into our lives.

Visualisation is a well-established self-hypnosis technique which can help to create a powerful expectancy deep within us, programming our belief system at the deepest levels of our subconscious to attract the people we desire.

A simple way to begin is to mentally - vividly (with as much much real emotion as you can muster) imagine yourself in various romantic situations - such as dinner, a movie, or being intimate with the person you desire.

You can do this to music if it helps to create a better emotional mental state for you, as many people do this to increase the realism of the images.

There are no limits to your imagination - so this process works if you wish to attract someone you already know, or even if you have not yet met the right person yet, and wish to simply increase your magnetic 'desirability'
to those around you.

In this case, simply make the image of the person less detailed, and instead, increase the amount of emotion in your imagery to create strong mental impressions within your mind.

Also, mentally imagine yourself being a strong social communicator and conversationalist, while also trying to replicate these scenarios by practicing your communication skills out there in society, and the real world - in order to help accelerate the positive changes you are trying to bring about.

Or for those who prefer to be guided through this exercise, along with hypnotic suggestions for additional support, you might like to check out our Soul Mate hypnosis MP3 below.