Empowering Your Child: How Hypnosis Can Boost Self-Esteem and Help Kids Overcome Bullying - As They Drift To Sleep

For your child to navigate through childhood without being a target for bullying etc, they must possess a strong and healthy self image.

Looking to Strengthen Your Children's Confidence & Self Esteem?  Or Your Child Struggling with Bullying?

Positive Affirmations - As They Drift To Sleep Each Night, Are the Answer.

Confidence is a quality that can transform every single life experience your child will ever encounter during their lifetime - while sadly an absence of a positive self image (from stories we hear almost every day from concerned parents), negatively impacts every area of their life, as well.

As children's minds are so incredibly open and impressionable, this also means that they are open to a barrage of negative information around them, as well as the positive - despite the best attempts at positive reinforcement parents try and provide.   This comes from a variety of different sources - other kids, television, teachers, relatives, etc.

As low self-esteem can make a child a target for bullying at school - we had a lot of concerned parents who contacted me in regard to their child's confidence levels (as I have worked in this area since 1997).

The important thing to know about confidence and self-esteem levels do not reside in the conscious mind, but in the deeper software of their subconscious mind - which runs much like a computer, which retains this information throughout their entire lifetime.

This is why when your child is drifting off to sleep, this is one of the key times to recite positive suggestions, as they go directly into the subconscious mind.

Increase Your Child's Confidence, for All Ages

Long & Short Term Benefits

Boost your child's confidence, self worth, self esteem, security (both now, and also for their future childhood and adult years)

belief in their own ability

• Build belief in their own intelligence

• Build belief in their family's and friend's love

Build trust / security in their home / family / surroundings

• To help them sleep!

Once confidence is instilled and established in a child, it generally stays with them forever - because it becomes virtually part of their DNA. 

Thankfully, it is then less likely for even bullies or the most negative people to bother to try and take this confidence from them - even later on in their lives.

For young children, self esteem needs to be instilled at a young age, as it can be difficult to do so later - and low self worth is well known to bring on various problems later in life.

As John F. Kennedy once said "a high tide raises all boats". 

This is why it is so vital to ensure that in their formative years, they are filled with a steady diet of authentic positive reinforcement, whenever it has been earned.

This occurs both at the conscious, and also at the subconscious level - in regard to their own value, behavior, effort, creativity, intelligence, safety, consideration for others, and their absolute worthiness to be loved for who they are.

Many parents of younger children do this successfully by quietly reciting positive statements to their child as they are going to sleep, which has been shown to have excellent results - as this is a time when their subconscious minds are wide open to suggestion.

These positive affirmations and suggestions are purely designed to build their confidence and self esteem which can unlock their potential and strengthen their belief in themselves at the core level.

However, some parents find this difficult for several reasons - some were unsure if they are saying the right things, and whether they will create confidence in their child, while others said they simply did not always have the time to do this.

This is where childrens sleep recordings can be helpful, designed to create security and confidence as they drift off to sleep. Needless to say, the value of greater confidence to your child's life and future cannot even be estimated or valued.