Rewire Your Brain for Financial Success: The Power of Hypnosis

Do Money, Prosperity and Success Flow Easily into Your Life?

Or Do You Experience Recurring Financial Blockages - Or Feel Stuck at the Same Level of Income?

Wealth, abundance and prosperity are not just a financial situation, but also a state of mind - and to access and be open to new opportunities, you must firstly have your mind tuned to the wealth frequency.

This is because people are generally either wired more closely towards a wealth consciousness or a poverty consciousness.

Possessing a wealth consciousness generally attracts new opportunities into your life, and sees abundance and opportunity everywhere - while a poverty consciousness often sabotages opportunities, causes recurring money / cashflow problems, and generally sees life as a form of struggle.

And so a quick look at your financial state shows which level of consciousness is powering the financial side of your life.

It takes a little tweaking of our internal subconscious settings to break out of the everyday, mundane way of thinking that poverty consciousness creates, along with its associated money problems.

This means having the vision to be able to see what can be, as well as what is - such as habitually seeing the prosperity and opportunity all around you, rather than the existing money problems or striving to pay bills from a salary.

It takes some mental re-wiring to break out of the 'mass' mindset, particularly as, at the deepest level, many people around us do not actually want to see us succeed (mainly due to their own financial insecurities).

I am a clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with a vast array of clients and issues over the years, to help them overcome their personal challenges and improve their life and business results.

  Keys to Success

So in many ways, our mind is a magnet - either attracting to us wealth and prosperity, or repelling it.

And the majority of the thoughts we think contribute a great deal towards which way the pendulum swings - and whether you live a life of freedom and abundance, or of struggle and striving.

Even during times such as worldwide financial crisis, the mind remains a massive financial force - even determining the rise or fall of world stocks and shares through consumer confidence.

The mental aspect of money is very much ever-present in your life - controlling your access to opportunities, possibilities and prosperity.

Of course, wealth cannot be measured alone on the income and amount of money we have, as there are many other factors which amount to a person being truly successful.

Those who are truly wealthy possess a positive mindset which allows them to move freely through their life, being open to all possibilities, and able to take advantage of each opportunity as it presents itself.

How Your Mind Works -
And How It Can Be Programmed for Abundance

As our mind works almost exactly the same way as a computer, it makes sense that our success in life is a direct result of the way our mind is programmed.

This programming influences your business decisions, instincts, and even the way you analyze facts and figures.   

So depending upon the way your are wired, your mind can magnetize or sabotage your success.

Changing your thoughts and mindset to a wealth consciousness means that your brain actually become 'wired' or programmed to automatically detect opportunities and success.

Once you create a new wealth mindset, your brain's electrical network of neural pathways that are associated with success, begin to transform - from low-traffic streets into major neural superhighways. 

When this happens, positive thoughts become more natural and automatic, and we virtually become programmed to succeed. 

And success, of course, just breeds more and more success.   It all starts with transforming your thinking - at the software level.

The only problem, which some of us already know too well - is that this powerful mechanism can also quite easily work against us if the mind is not programmed correctly.

Rather than getting what we deserve in life, we tend to get what we expect.

This means that our levels of success are very much tied into our beliefs and whether we feel worthy of success.

Because if you do not truly believe you are 100% worthy of success, then you can unconsciously self-sabotage the opportunities in your life.

Methods for Developing Wealth Consciousness

In order to reap success, it also helps if you happen to think, believe in yourself, act, and even behave much like highly successful people do (which in NLP terms, is often called modelling success, through copying the success of others).

Most successful business people establish a strong understanding and working knowledge of the various business situations, stocks or markets - however once all the data is in, and has been analyzed - it comes down purely to them, and their gut instinct, as to whether or not to proceed with a deal.

And so, as many successful people have a strong intuition for making these good financial decisions - it makes sense to develop this ability as well.

Intuition becomes stronger the more you use it, plus it develops more quickly and easily when regularly using some form of mental relaxation.

  Keys to Success

Relaxation puts you directly in touch with the infinite wisdom within your subconscious mind, which controls your intuition along with countless other mental and physical functions, which you never have to think about.

Relaxation, when at the deeper level, such as theta-level - can also help to synchronize the left and right brain, and allows you to interact more naturally in tune with your intuition. This creates a short but deeply meditative window of peace in your life, which can create a flow-on effect of synchronicity which continues on throughout the rest of your day.

When you first awaken, or when drifting off to sleep at night - are quite effective times to do this, as your mind is naturally already quite deeply relaxed - and so you have one aspect already taken care of.

While you are in the relaxed state, with stronger enhanced access to your subconscious abilities - it can also be helpful to implement the use of another powerful method, such as visualization. This technique is highly effective in helping to create new abundant beliefs, change and improve thought processes, and creating new behaviors and results.

This is where you mentally picture various positive new outcomes you would like to bring into your life experience in future, in any areas of your life you wish to focus upon.

This allows you to program your subconscious for a specific result, which will tailor your thought processes and allow you to gravitate towards these outcomes, to produce new and more positive results.

The interest in the mental, and laws of attraction side of wealth and prosperity, have exploded around the world over the past years, and so many practitioners such as myself have developed powerful audio products to address, enhance and strengthen these aspects, all using one mental exercise which combines the various approaches.

However, you can certainly work at bringing these aspects into your everyday life yourself, in a more regular manner.

Using methods such as regular deep relaxation, positive affirmations (while in the relaxed state), and then bringing in some visualization, to envisage the future you desire, plus also developing the use of intuition in your everyday life decisions (but always starting with smaller decisions first, of course).

For those who seek a better quality of life, particularly through transforming your financial life - the question to always ask is: "how will tomorrow be any different from today?" This is a question that comes from exploring the powers of your mind.

For those interested, I have a selection of products which may be of interest, if you wish to take your study of this area further.