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The Secret

The feature length movie presentation reveals 'The Great Secret' of life and the universe, which affects our health, abundance, relationships, and everything in between. Interviewing scientists, authors and philosophers who give their inspirational views and opinions.


Dead Poets Society

One of the truly great motion pictures of all time, with Robin Williams' amazing performance as a professor who opens the minds of his students to the fun, strange, inspiring and unconventional - while teaching at a strict private school where teaching and following convention is the primary goal.


The Intouchables

A story of a wonderful and healing friendship will blossoms between an ex-con and a quadriplegic, who hires him as his primary carer.


Pay It Forward

A tumultuous movie based on the concept of spreading good will and good deeds worldwide, in order to transform humanity to make the world a kinder and better place, simply through small personal actions.



Nominated for Best Picture, a visual extravaganza by Martin Scorscese about an orphan in 1930s Paris who lives alone above a railway station, accessed through a labrynth of secret passages, and finds himself enmeshed in a mystery which has major ramifications upon the lives of himself and others.



Good Will Hunting

This inspirational movie relates a young savant with enormous intelligence (Matt Damon) journeys through the tumultuous period of his life with the help and wisdom and a psychologist (Robin Williams) and learns to find the things he loves in his life.



An aspirational dancer holding down two jobs and her oddysey to becoming recognised by a major ballet company.



Billy Elliott

A young English boy with a talent for dancing battles major life and family upheaval, along with the 1984 Miner's Strike, in his goal to realize his dreams.



Patch Adams

Based on a true story of a an older medical student who battles conventional medical teachings to bring outrageous humor and unlimited sense of caring into the modality involving the healing of the sick.


Shirley Valentine

A middle-aged housewife from Liverpool, UK looks for more from her humdrum everyday scheduled life, with transformational results.



Based on a true 1938 story, how an undersized horse is nurtured and trained to transform into an elite race horse.



The Associate

A comedy about breaking through against both the odds and racial prejudice, to make it big on Wall Street.


Mr. Holland's Opus

A musician and composer bides his time to achieve his dreams by taking a job teaching music, only to find that he unknowingly is creating major inspiration to others which bring about transformation to people's lives, including his own.





The highs, lows and experiences of students during four years attending the High School of the Performing Arts in NYC.


Rocky (I, II, III, IV, V)

The tale of a young boxer who works his way up from nothing to become the champion of the world, with the first three movies being the most impactful.





Shawshank Redemption 

The story of an innocent and successful businessman jailed for murdering his wife, and how he inspirationally adapts to the massive life changes he experiences while incarcerated.


Field of Dreams

A farmer in the country hears the voice of his intuition, which brings about unexpected decisions and actions he takes, which are scorned by others - only to find that he was right to believe in his gut instinct.



A man suddenly discovers he has access to the vast and amazing powers of his mind.



The Natural

Sometimes dreams never go away, and this baseball movie is about realizing dreams before it is too late - with legendary results.


The Rookie

Another baseball movie about reaching for your dreams before the chance is lost, where a coach unexpectedly makes the major league.


Chariots of Fire

The story of two British track athletes who come from dramatically different religious backgrounds to compete in the 1924 Olympics.

Thelma and Louise

Two women commit a crime and find themselves unexpectedly on the transformational roadtrip of a lifetime.




Breaking Away

An inspirational story of a boy who graduates high school and goes against advice to follow his dreams in bike racing.



The Legend of Bagger Vance

A golfer finds inspiration on the course with the assistance of a new and mystical caddy, who not only transforms his golf, but his life.


Sister Act 

A singer goes into hiding after witnessing a mob crime, and finds herself a nun in an extremely traditional convent - which creates ramifications and transformations for all concerned.





An albino boy who is endlessly teased discovers the amazing and far reaching abilities of his mind.


Secret of My Success

A young man who graduates college in the country struggles to survive in the corporate world in NYC, but uses his innate wiles to rise to the top in meteoric fashion, as well as finding the love of his life.


Dangerous Minds

A true story of former female marine who takes job teaching in a tough city school, and brings about events which change the lives of herself and her students forever.