The Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss Without Drugs, Diets, Appointments or Classes - with Hypnosis

Reconnect with the true 'inner you' - your body's natural inner blueprint - and allow your body to re-adjust itself naturally to the size and shape you are truly meant to be.

Real, Long Term and Permanent Weight Loss Must Come From the Inside, Out - as Our Body's Metabolism is Far More Powerful Than Any Diet.

Natural weightloss with hypnosis

Mind Training for Weight Reduction
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Within your mind and body is the perfect blueprint for the slim, fit and healthy person who you truly are, and were born to be.

The key is to re-connect with this healthy blueprint inside us. In exactly the same way that your mind has the capacity to add body mass, it also has the equal capacity to release it, just as easily.

When a group of people underwent hypnosis that made them think they had just had lap-band surgery - sure enough, they lost the same amount of body fat as if they really had surgery.

The most effective way to get your mind into gear (to direct the body towards health) - is to simply give your powerful subconscious - the control center of your health and metabolism - the correct commands.

Your subconscious works exactly like a computer - it responds to whatever it is programmed to do.

Your mind has the capacity to:

• automatically normalize your metabolism and reduce body fat

• increase your desire and enjoyment of natural healthy foods and drinks

• reduce your desire and enjoyment of junk foods

• increase your desire and motivation to exercise

• make changes to your daily habits to create the slimmer, healthier body you desire.

These newly 'programmed' habits - such as eating well, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, and releasing unhealthy habits from your life, become easier and more natural as time goes on - to the point where they happen automatically, without having to think about them.

Your subconscious mind is your body's software, which contains all of the 'programming' for your metabolism and also your everyday habits, which contribute greatly to body shape.

The subconscious is the very source of where all changes must first begin, if these changes are to truly last.

Effortless Natural Weight Loss through Hypnosis  

Because it's not simply just a case of losing the weight, we want to make sure we keep it off as well.

So we need to ensure our mindset and attitudes are also transformed, so they can be perfectly aligned with this new body we are about to create for ourselves.

Disadvantages to Other Treatments

Of course, there are many other treatments in this area - but unlike hypnotherapy, there are disadvantages to most of them - such as:

• Cost
- many treatments, such as surgery and various programs, are often expensive

• Side Effects
- some treatments such as medications, surgery, and drastic diets, can cause unwanted side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and headaches

• Maintenance
Success often requires making lifestyle changes and sticking to them, which can be difficult and time-consuming

- • Risk of Complications
- Certain treatments, such as surgery, carry a risk of complications, such as infection, blood clots, and hernias

• Limited Effectiveness
- Not all treatments work for everyone, and even those that do may only produce modest results

• Time
- Some treatments such as surgery can require a significant investment of time for pre- and post-operative care and recovery

• Relapse
- Maintaining results can be an ongoing challenge, which means in many cases it is not uncommon for people to regain the weight they have lost

This is why most other methods seem to create only temporary results - but there is an even more powerful reason.....

When people use external methods only - such as diets, and surprisingly, even from exercise - most often their results do not last, and they return to their original size and shape.

This is because the inner blueprint, or our subconscious programming, remained unchanged - and so eventually the same result is eventually repeated, over and over again, regardless of whatever diet or program you are on.

Whatever is on the inside, will always influence the outside - so we need to be fit, slim and healthy on the inside first - and the rest simply takes care of itself.

In plain English, this means that until the inner you changes, the outer you remains the same.

The same applies to giving up smoking as well, which many people seem to find equally difficult.

This is a frustrating reality for many people around the world, who have become caught in this ongoing cycle - they lose the pounds, but then put it right back on again.

And as many people know only too well, reaching certain numbers on the scales can lead to a whole number of related health problems - and none of us want those in our lives.

So the lasting way to reach your desired body shape is to first change your mind's 'inner blueprint' of your body, as this ensures you will steadily move towards your desired goal.

This is much more natural, and relaxing, than some methods on the market which are highly stressful on the body, which can be counter-productive when the aim is to become a healthier human being!

Hypnotic techniques are highly powerful in influencing the body and our habits.

Dateline NBC recently tested many weight loss techniques and found hypnosis treatments were more effective than the other diet programs tested.

You can try one of these yourself if you wish - regularly mentally imagining yourself with the slim body you desire - otherwise you can seek out a qualified hypnotherapist or, for a solution that works from home, take a look at my audio hypnosis product dedicated to this area, below.

Of course, there are lifestyle aspects which can also be tweaked, to bring about slower, but long term lifestyle and physical changes - such as:

• Goals
- Set realistic weight loss goals for yourself

• Track
- Keep track of your calorie intake by keeping a food diary

• Exercise
- Increasing physical activity with enjoyable regular exercise

• Rest
- Get enough sleep and rest to allow your body to recover and function properly

• Mindful Meals
- Practice slower, more mindful eating and paying attention to your body's signals of hunger and fullness

• Balanced Diet
- Eating a balanced diet including lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

• Avoid
- Avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, excessive amounts of saturated and trans fats, and eating late at night, or in front of the TV or computer

• Drinking
- Plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your metabolism working efficiently

• Control
- Eating out less and cooking your own meals at home so you can control the ingredients and portion sizes

• Slower
- Try mindful eating practices such as eating with chopsticks or using smaller plates

• Snacks
- Try to avoid snacking between meals or choose healthier options such as fruits or vegetables

• Possible Inclusion
- Including strength training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your exercise routine to build muscle mass and burn calories

But when it is all said and done - it is our inner programming that determines our long term, external results.