Overcome Insomnia & Sleeping Problems - with Hypnosis Relaxation Music

The most natural methods are always the best when it comes to breaking bad sleep patterns and waking up in the morning feeling great, once more.


Do You Toss and Turn All Night Waiting To Go To Sleep?

Do You Feel Tired and Fatigued All Day, from Lack of Quality Sleep?

Do You Get Even More Stressed Because You Cannot Sleep?

You're not alone - hundreds of people contact us each year about these very issues.

The good news is that sleeping is a natural 'program' that runs from our own inner computer - which means it can be restored very easily with natural means.

Insomnia is just a temporary mental 'program' that runs while we are feeling overly stressed or fatigued - but for some people can go on for many years.

With some minor changes, natural deep and satisfying sleep can become your natural every-night experience once again - very, very easily.

Sleeping is one of our most basic, natural and instinctive functions we possess, yet due to stress and problems in our lives, this natural 'program' can become interrupted.

This can prevent us from reaching a deep level of sleep, or quite often for many people, they do not manage to drift off at all.

Normally, our bodies have been naturally programmed to begin going to drift off as soon as we lie down and close our eyes.

But when our sleep pattern has been badly interrupted by insomnia, it can be difficult to quiet the mind, and stop the constant barrage of thought from running incessantly, in order to drift off to a comfortable, relaxing and deep sleep.

The longer our 'sleep pattern' is interrupted by the insomnia program, the more difficult it is to get back to a normal restful routine.

The longer it goes on, the stronger the insomnia actually becomes, much like a rut that gets deeper and harder to break out of.

However, the body has its own devious ways of getting its rest when we aren't sleeping, often without us even knowing.

It does this through the tiniest micro-seconds of rest, coming from actions such as blinking a lot, or un-focusing the eyes while you are stopped at the set of traffic lights, etc.

Your body will always do its very best to get whatever it needs, in any way possible.

That's not to say that there aren't several things you can try yourself, to prepare for bed and a restful night.

Here are some methods you can try during those frustrating nights when you are lying in bed, tossing and turning - knowing you have a very busy day ahead the next day.

1. A good beginning is to take a bath or shower before retiring to bed, as this warms the body and makes you feel cleansed, and primes the mind to be ready to rest.

2. However, if this does not do the trick (and this is the case for many people), then 20 minutes of 'light' reading is the next thing to try, as this tires the mind and often makes the reader's eyes droop and want to turn off the light.

It needs to be a book that is light, relaxing and easy to read - definitely not study notes, schoolwork etc! 

Find your favorite sleeping position, close your eyes and just allow yourself to drift off to sleep, never force it.

Be OK with the fact that it might take 30 minutes, or even several hours - and that either way, this is just fine.

There must be no time limits or pressure upon when you fall asleep, as the stress of time limits will keep you awake.

3. Complete darkness in the room is also important, without the glow of clocks radios etc - so covering these or using an eyemask can help here.

However, you have probably already tried this many times already - just as most of the readers of this page have!

So this takes us to the next stage - being in bed with the light out, and trying to drift off... but nothing is happening.

Countless numbers of people experience sleeping problems, especially the night before a particularly big event the next day.

This occurs purely due to stress, and the very fact that they find they cant fall asleep often creates even more stress, making sleep even more difficult and their mind even more stressed.

Again - dont worry if you aren't falling asleep immediately.

The odds are that you will function absolutely fine the next day - maybe not 100%, but maybe at 60-70%.

So number one is dont stress yourself out if you find yourself still awake some hours after going to bed.

Now for a few more tips for a good night's sleep - if you have tried all these above approaches, but going to sleep does not seem likely, then try these approaches.

4. Imagine yourself being in your sanctuary. This is a "beautiful, safe place" that you imagine yourself in, where you are calm, relaxed and have all the time in the world. It might be a beach, a rainforest, on a mountain, etc - wherever you want to be.

This relaxing sanctuary can help produce the emotional feelings of safety and security, which helps to shut down the nervous adrenalin which can prevent you from drifting off to sleep (which the body produces whenever you are stressed).

Last but not least - 2 more methods, and if these do not work, then I have an answer that will definitely work for you.

5. If you are still awake, then try this - a silent mantra, which can work very well.

Here's how - when you are in bed, each time you breathe in, you say to yourself the word "deeper...." (no, not aloud, just in your mind).

Then, as you breathe out, say to yourself "....and deeper" (or you can take out the "and" if you wish).

So the mantra you are repeating to yourself is "deeper.........and deeper, ......deeper .......... and deeper.....".

This is a very powerful but relaxing mental command for your mind to shut down and drift into the alpha, theta and delta states which produce sleep.

However, be ready for a battle initially - your conscious mind will try and fight this and try its best to continue to think about all kinds of things - so be ready for this.

Each and every time you discover your mind thinking again, gently but firmly send it back into reciting your mantra - again, again and again - until your mind finally surrenders and drifts off to sleep.

6. For those who have tried everything and had no success - then it's time to go to the very source of the issue.

Years ago I created the 'Mind Training for Insomnia' Relaxation Sounds audio soundtrack, which goes to the 'wiring' of the issue - and the easiest way to get a sound night's sleep.

You simply play the relaxation music soundtrack quietly in the background as you are getting into bed, and doze off while listening to the beautiful relaxing sounds of the music.

Meanwhile your subconscious mind hears the powerful hypnotic subliminal suggestions which are silently playing, hidden from your conscious awareness underneath peaceful sounds of binaural beat relaxation music.

These induce drowsiness and re-program your mind for a peaceful night of relaxed sleep. (Excellent also for those with sports insomnia the night before a performance).

This 1 hour subliminal soundtrack is simply played quietly every night until you feel you no longer need to use it, and will re-set the subconscious to naturally run the sleep program again.

There might be a slight delay for up to a week or two while the new programming is overcoming the old programming, so be patient initially, and the rewards are long-lasting and satisfying.

This is an easy, natural, safe and convenient method that is far lower risk to health than some of the insomnia treatments on the market today.

The soundtrack is played as you climb into bed at night, and contains powerful hypnotic subliminal suggestions purely designed to get normal sleep patterns happening as soon as possible.

These are hidden subliminally behind the natural rhythmic sounds of the relaxation music - so only your powerful subconscious can hear them.

This subliminal soundtrack permeates the internal programs of the subconscious and creates a new 'blueprint' for your body to follow while you lie down in bed.

Once you have been using this program for a week or two, you will begin to quickly notice positive changes to your sleeping pattern.

I recommend that you use the program until you are happy with the quality of sleep you are getting - or even a little longer to ensure the new 'program' is completely "installed" and working perfectly.

And from then onwards, you should be fine to sleep soundly without any further help.

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