Unlocking Your Vocal Potential: How Hypnosis Allows Singers, Vocalists & Performers Overcome Audition Fear

During Songs At Auditions, Do You Experience:

• Body Shaking

• Dry Mouth

• Forgetting Lyrics

• Throat Closing Up from Fear

• Overwhelming Panic, Nervousness, Fear

• or Worrying You Will Forget Your Lyrics?

No problem.  As we know, belief is everything when you're out there on stage.  It affects every note you sing, hypnotically entrances your audience, and makes them believe everything you sing. 

The truth is, even the most accomplished and professional vocalists experience these issues.

But by taking control of your performance at the deepest level - the subconscious mind - you can control the anxiety, remain calm and in control, and bring out your greatest performances - with belief, attitude and confidence.

As singers are deeply in tune with their emotions, in order to access the most from their performance, this can make the emotions often feel 'raw', exposed and magnified - which can also mean.. struggling emotionally with rejection, and feelings of not being good enough.

However, this can be changed.  The key is to go to the source of these feelings, and soothe the fears once and for all, which gives you a feeling of having stronger emotional control, and a stronger handle on your performance when it matters most.  

While this doesn't remove nervousness completely (as you would never wish for this, because nervous energy is essential for strong performance), it allows you to connect to the deep inner calm deep within you.

While de-sensitization (that is, doing as many gigs as you can, to de-sensitize yourself to appearing in front of an audience) can be helpful for overcoming fear of live performances & audiences, unfortunately this does not always help when it comes to going out in front of massive audiences, or performing in front of high-profile industry types.

This is when authentic, deep inner belief is required, to get you through these high pressure situations - as anything less than true belief will often transfer into a poor and jittery performance.

Here is how hypnosis can transfer into stronger and more confident auditions...

Mind Training Benefits


• Strengthen inner belief - to showcase your highest levels of voice, talent, moves and ability in the auditions, gigs and performances

• Relax and overcome the crippling nerves, freeing you up to reach the difficult notes and emotionally connect with the lyrics

Strengthen memory so you can remember your lyrics more easily and effortlessly

Relaxes mind and body so you can be the best you can be, and get the best out of your performance - and show them what you are made of.

While consultations can also be helpful, audio recordings tend to work better for the gig performing industry - as they provide the necessary reinforcement, with regular top-ups when needed - to handle the hundreds of performances which can be scheduled over the years ahead.

For those who wish to explore this avenue further, you can check out the link below of my audio product dedicated to the performing arts.