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School Teachers - Effortlessly Deliver Your Greatest Teaching Abilities in Classroom Lessons

All the qualities you need to transform into an even more effective teacher, while deriving even greater happinesss, serenity and satisfaction, from your career - are already within you. The secret is to bring them all together at the same time.

Organisation, planning, creativity, making classes interesting, calm communication, rapport, listening, empathy, integrity, respect, encouragement, perception, support, behavioral issues, and many others.... 

It's no secret there are a lot of factors to juggle, to be successful with your students in the classroom.

And being a teacher, you already possess these, and many other qualities - its just that some days can be a bit more of a struggle, when these qualities do not all come together at the same time.

Like all good teachers passionate about their teaching careers, you probably see it as a constant work in progress, always seeking to further improve your teaching methods, and create stronger engagement, improvement and results.

All the different facets required to make for positive, interesting and enjoyable lessons can all become far more effortless and automatic, through using a simple self-hypnosis and relaxation exercise.

This includes the brainstorming, the marking, the logic, troubleshooting, non-verbal interpersonal skills (all the stuff no-one else sees behind the scenes) - not to mention your own relaxation and stress relief.

A quick mental relaxation exercise can dramatically reduce stress, and the various negative flow-on effects which stem from it.

This small window of inner peace naturally increases your levels of creativity, confidence, mental resilience, and the various abilities you need, wihtout notice, throughout each day to troubleshoot developing situations.

The main advantage here is that these qualities tend to flow on autopilot more easily, without as much mental effort or energy expended, as you remain 'synced in' to your highest qualities throughout the day more easily.

In a way, this is much like the benefits of advanced meditation, but without the many years of mental practice which are generally required to master the technique.

Instead, the recordings pretty much do most the work for you - particularly as nowadays, as like those I create myself, these tracks often are accompanied by advanced theta-level background soundtracks which automatically synchronize your brainwaves to advanced meditation levels.

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Long & Short Term Benefits:

* Greater creativity - for developing more interesting and more stimulating lessons

* Increased confidence - in your ability to achieve a wide range of your classroom goals

* Enhanced mental resilience - a type of inner protection to withstand the (at times) corrosive effects to self-esteem, which can develop from years of sustained demands of the industry

* Improved abilities to:

- think on your feet

- cope with change

- rise to the pressure occasions when presented with unforeseen circumstances

* General happiness, peace, health and wellbeing - these are all highly-documented and scientifically-backed aspects which are derived from regular relaxation.

For those who wish to explore how relaxation and self hypnosis can bring about transformational changes to your teaching career, you might like to check out my audio teaching program below, which guides you through the entire process.