Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Anxiety / Presentation Nerves - with Hypnosis

Public speaking has been surveyed as being the number one fear, yes - even ahead of death - but it actually doesn't need to be! By going to the very source of the fear, it can be reversed, to the point where you truly begin to enjoy speaking in public. So here is the checklist...

Does Your Mouth Go Dry with Fear During Speeches?
Do Your Voice or Hands Get the 'Shakes'?
Do You Feel Thoughts of Panic, or Forget What You were Going to Say?

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, with Hypnosis  

No problem - this can be easily overcome, by going right to the source of the anxiety.

So what causes all these emotional symptoms when we speak in public? Purely and simply, the feeling that we will not be good enough.

This means that the symptoms of 'fear of public speaking' involve our levels of confidence and self esteem, as well as our knowledge and confidence in our topic.

These doubts and fears from presentation nerves reside within the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis and visualisation work specifically with this area, and are powerful and effective methods of dealing with these symptoms.

For instance, regularly visualizing yourself (ie. mentally imagining yourself) performing a seamless speech can greatly improve speaking confidence, as this mentally rehearses the successful speech and helps to re-program the subconscious for a positive and successful performance.

This needs to be done regularly however, in order to overcome the existing 'program' that is already running, which is causing the current symptoms of fear during the performance.

Positive self-talk, also known as an affirmation or mantra, can also be useful - both as a preventative measure, and also to help deal with the symptoms before you are about to give a speech.

This is where you mentally repeat a positive-reinforcing statement in your mind, over and over again until the subconscious mind accepts it and acts upon it.

You can create your own statements, keeping them short, present-tense and positively-worded, and simply repeat them over and over again in your mind.

For instance, some possible affirmations might include: "everyone loves to hear me speak", "perfect, relaxed talk", "easy and effortless speech", "I am calm and relaxed", etc.

De-sensitization can also be helpful for overcoming fear of talking to groups and public speaking - which basically means to give as many talks to small organized groups of friends or family as you can, to de-sensitize yourself to talking in front of groups before you have to give the 'big' speech to your audience.

Meditation, relaxation exercises or vigorous exercise on the actual day of your talk, as well as some deep breathing exercises before the speech, can also help to alleviate some of the major symptoms of nerves.

But if you give public speeches fairly regularly, or if you need to ensure that you remove the symptoms from returning once and for all, then hypnosis is the most foolproof way of dealing with public speaking and presentation nerves.

This hypnosis recording works at the very source of the issue and makes the necessary 'software' changes in order to steadily decrease, and even cease altogether, the symptoms of nervousness.

It uses powerful tailor-made hypnotic suggestions and visualisation to re-program your subconscious to make public speeches easier, more pleasurable and with more emotional control, as time goes on.

You can also customize the guided visualisation each time, to perfectly suit whatever talk you are about to give, to more closely tailor the hypnosis to your exact needs.

Mind Training testimonials

Shakes, Dry Throat, Sweats...

"I used to have sleepless nights before the speeches I gave to clients, and I never believed that one little hypnosis recording could save my sanity and my career!  All the embarrassing shakes, dry throat, sweats and forgetfulness just seemed to disappear. Now, I feel great when I am out there. I truly cant thank you enough".
Oscar Fennell PA, USA

Best Presentation..

"I used to be pretty confident at public speaking but suddenly in the last year or two my legs started shaking - which was really embarrassing! I only listened to each of your downloads once (the main recording, and the night-time subliminal), but I gave my speech this morning and it worked, no shaky legs!

I spent the whole time the first speaker was on visualizing how much fun I was going to have, picturing people congratulating me afterwards and everyone really wanting to hear what I was going to say. Then despite a hiccup with the projector, it ended up being one of the best presentations I have ever given - honestly, about 15 people congratulated me afterwards saying how much they had enjoyed it, with one man even saying that he had heard many speakers in his life but that I had a natural affinity for it - ha ha, ridiculous, who would have thought it!!!

Thank you very much, I shall recommend your downloads to anyone else I hear of with a shaky leg/body/voice or any other out of control habit. Thanks again".
Jessica Halpern, CA, USA

Work Compliments..

"I must tell you that I feel I owe you so much. I cant tell you though how many compliments I receive when I speak in front of groups at work. I am so comfortable and casual it's simply unbelievable. I get compliments almost every time I speak and hardly ever feel any nervousness and certainly nothing like I felt in the past.  I cant say enough about it".
Mike Sullivan, IN, USA

This recording can be used any time of the day, in the convenience of your own home, and can also be used on an ongoing basis for as long as you need - saving you the cost of private consultations which can often cost several thousand dollars.

The Mind Training for Public Speaking mp3 hypnosis download is just $24.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch!

It includes a complementary additional 'night-time subliminal' recording - which will help you sleep more easily and deeply, while the hypnotic suggestions play silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack.

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