Hypnosis: The Natural Solution for Female Menopause Symptoms

Sometimes the answers to the most difficult questions are the simplest - and the most natural and drug free.

Looking to Reduce or Overcome Your Female Menopause Symptoms - Naturally, Safely, and Effectively?

Many women are frustrated that doctors tell them there is little that can be done to relieve symptoms, and this is why so many tend to land at this site.

However, you possess an enormously powerful immune system, which controls a massive natural drug-store of healing chemicals within your body - which can influence any area of your health.

Your immune system - and all your body's functions - are 100% completely controlled by your subconscious mind, which is why you do have some level of control over your own body and its health.


Your immune system contains almost every painkilling chemical you will find in a drug store or pharmacy, and when given the correct instructions by your subconscious, it releases natural healing chemicals (in the correct dose) into the bloodstream to ensure your body remains healthy.

This means there is a wide range of natural methods to deal with your menopausal symptoms - as your mind controls your body, and not the other way around.

As already mentioned, many women who have contacted me over the past 25 years are now turning to hypnosis to ease their menopause symptoms.

Mental techniques such as relaxation, meditation, visualization, hypnosis and affirmations have shown to boost the body's immune system, which controls your body and all its processes.

This is achieved by removing stress and accelerating the body's natural healing process which is vital for women experiencing any range of symptoms.

Once these stressors have been removed - which often help contribute to the symptoms - it allows your immune system to fully function at what it does best - protecting your body and its health.

Having created many customized hypnosis recordings for sufferers over the years, I also found many women often felt extremely depressed about their symptoms - creating further stress which at times affected the functioning of their immune system.

This meant that increasing positivity and morale are also very important to help with improving the symptoms of menopause sufferers.

Mind Training Benefits

Hypnosis Addresses these Symptoms:

• Hot /cold flushes, night sweats / perspiration
• Weight Gain
• Irritability / Mood swings
• Difficulty sleeping
• Mental Confusion / Focus & Concentration Problems
• Loss of libido
• Tiredness / Fatigue / Energy problems
• Anxiety / Panic
• Negative Thoughts
• Memory blanks
• Aching, Sore Joints, Muscle Tension
• Breast Tenderness
• Depression
• Dizziness, Balance Problems

The benefits of daily hypnosis are almost infinite - as the potent blend of relaxation, targeted positive hypnotic suggestions which address specific symptoms, and a healing visualization - can positively affect any area of body and mind.

Mind Training Benefits

Main Benefits

Hypnosis is a completely non-invasive, safe, natural, drug-free, relaxing and convenient complementary treatment - without any affects upon any existing treatments you may be taking.

• Deep Relaxation Boosts The Immune System - your mind is guided down into relaxation, which reduces stress and improves functioning of your immune system. This relaxation becomes deeper and more automatic after continued use.

• Hypnotic Suggestions are Created Specifically for Symptom Reduction

• Convenient and Private - can be easily used anywhere, either at home - or anywhere you happen to be with earpieces or headphones for complete privacy.

So checking out hypnotherapy is certainly a recommended method to look further into, or you may wish to check out the link on my hypnosis audio product further below.