The Secret to Unlocking Your Potential: Using Hypnosis to Amplify Your Manifesting Powers

By looking at your life using this Law, you can see the aspects you are attracting, and repelling, in your life.  The secret is to take conscious control of this process, so you are the master and commander of your own life.

The Law of Attraction creates our relationships, health, wealth, goal achievement and success.

By using well-known mind techniques, such as hypnosis and visualization, to tune into this law - you can improve any area of your life.

Knowing how the Law of Attraction works, gives you the power to influence any area of your life for the better, and put you in the driver's seat to manifesting your goals and desires into reality - and unlocking the secrets of making this Law work in our life.

Everything in our universe - including you - is made up of energy, vibrating at various different speeds.

These energy vibrations make up your electro-magnetic field (sometimes called an aura), which is your own 'personal success vibration' - this determines the quality of experiences you will attract into your life.

The most important thing to know is "energy always attracts energy of a similar vibration".

This means you attract people and life experiences which are vibrating at the same level of energy as yourself!

On the flip side, you also repel experiences of a much higher, or lower, vibration.

The secret is to raise your energy level to attract the life experiences you desire, so you can be in greater control of your own life and destiny.

This is done by working with your mind, and your emotions, which directly affect your energy vibration - and visualization is a key ingredient.

So for instance, if you are attracting life experiences that you do not like, then you must raise your energy levels, to move above the level that was creating them for you.

We tend to attract people into our lives who are similar to our own energy levels.

In the short term, we can often feel uplifted and exhilarated from being in the company of someone vibrating at a higher energy level - as they can temporarily accelerate our own energy levels.

Again, on the flip side, people of a lower energy than ours (who some call 'energy vampires') can leave us feeling drained and tired whenever we are around them - as they are literally tapping into and draining our energy levels.

How Energy Shapes Our Life Experiences

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Looking at the how energy affects our everyday lives constantly opens and closes various opportunities and experiences in our life, depending upon what our electro-magnetic energy levels are at, at the time.

As an example of energy vibration, let's say a person wants to be employed as a high-level executive in a large corporation.

To get the job (and more importantly, to keep the job), they will need their energy to vibrate at a similar high level as the company's executive colleagues and clients, in order to make the most of any opportunities.

If their energy level is too low to be compatible with the company, they may simply not get the job (or feel highly uncomfortable in the job) - and they may find a smaller company which corresponds better to their current energy levels.

However, if they are able to raise their energy levels and expectations to correspond with the energy levels within the company, they may well secure that executive position.

Needless to say, once they are working with other high-energy colleagues, it may become easier for them to remain at these new heightened levels of energy. 

This would open their life up to a fresh new range of people, events and life experiences.

People of higher energy tend to manifest whatever they want more easily, cruising through life more freely than those of lower energy, and taking up new opportunities more effortlessly - and being free of many of the issues that are associated with lower energy.

For instance, if someone possessing a strong energy level loses their job, invariably they "fall on their feet" - possibly landing an even better job instead, or picking up another good position very quickly.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, people oscillating at lower energy may tend to struggle to find a new job they are contented with.

These are the harsh real-life realities of how energy works in our lives - but the great news is that we have power to transform any area of our life we wish.

Becoming A Positive Magnet - Using the Laws of Energy


Understanding the law of attraction and how it operates can change the way we look at life, and shows us how we can establish some level of control over it - and unravels a lot of the mysteries surrounding why particular events occur.

Because not only does our level of energy affect our life experiences, but these experiences then re-impact back upon our energy - which can set up a recurring pattern of life experiences (and energy levels) that our life can become stuck within. 

These recurring life patterns have probably been one of life's great mysteries to many people, who often wonder how they ever came to manifest, and resign themselves, to such experiences - rather than finding a way of changing them.

This is purely because most people dont know how the Law of Attraction works, and the ways of strengthening our energy to help us break out of the recurring patterns in our lives, and manifest what we want.

We do not get what we deserve in life, we get what we attract.

Many people often tell me they generally know how this process works, but they just dont have the tools to get it working in their life - which of course, this is the very key to unlocking and manifesting your desires.

The secret to this is completely mastering the use of visualization in your life - which is basically picturing in your mind with vivid images and powerful emotions - exactly the way you want your life to be.

When this is done correctly, this process effectively programs and activates your powerful internal computer - your subconscious mind to begin working 24/7 towards manifesting these new experiences into your life - which it does very, very effectively.

This is a process that has already been operating throughout your life, even without any of us realizing.

Our mind's inner thoughts, emotions and mental programming are clearly reflected in every area of our lives.

Like a magnet, you attract the exact circumstances you are currently experiencing, positive or negative - in relationships, health, success.. and the list goes on.

This is the Law of Attraction. You constantly attract various experiences, people and life situations through your everyday thoughts and emotions. Or in short - whatever you focus upon, expands in your life.

Strangely, not everyone uses this information positively. Rather than seeing this information as a huge opportunity (as it is), some people instead use this knowledge to beat themselves up - blaming themselves for what has previously happened in their lives.

The more astute ones simply use this knowledge to create fabulous new experiences for themselves in their future.

A little knowledge and a few simple techniques are all it takes to put it to work for you - using the most powerful computer in the world, your mind.

It's ironic that we can often repel the very things that we desire most in our lives, simply because we focus upon the fact that we dont have it yet, rather than upon the fact that it is on its way.

This is the unfortunate flip side of the Law of Attraction in our lives - just like a magnet, our mind can just as easily and powerfully manifest what we dont want.

The Transformational Power of Visualization

It is important to work with our thoughts and emotions to ensure that we are not unknowingly sabotaging our happiness, relationships, health or success - and that we attract all the positive elements into our lives. You can purchase the Law of Attraction program or continue for more information

Visualization, relaxation and emotional control are three key methods which help to raise our energy levels, to help manifest our goals and desires.

These techniques help to create a powerful expectancy of success deep within us, programming our belief system at the deepest levels of our subconscious mind.

This is our transmitting and broadcasting station to the universe - to attract and manifest the things we desire, and repel the lower-energy experiences we do not want in our lives.

While using the visualization technique is designed to manifest our desires, it does work both ways unfortunately - our non-stop thoughts going are constantly creating our future experiences.

These thoughts create images which is much like running a constant movie though your mind all day long, programming your future life results.

And so ensuring your visualization is focused positive is extremely important. Begin using the technique today, and watch as the transformations to your life unfold.