Perfect Health - It's All In The Mind
Mental Techniques for Vibrant Health & Accelerated Healing

A new way of thinking about health has emerged, where it is realized that we actually play a major role in our own health and well-being - mentally and physically.

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Boost Your Body's Powerful Immune System to Work on a Particular Health Issue

Science is confirming more and more that the mind is actually a fabulous natural healing tool, designed to keep you healthy and help you overcome occasional illnesses which may afflict the body.

It is more and more evident with today's research that the everyday thoughts we think, and the emotions we feel, have a huge influence over our body's general state of health.

Research has now shown stress to be a major cause of illness. Here are just a few examples among the many hundreds, both past and present:

Doctors such as Dr. Carl Simonton have had remarkable results with cancer patients through his use of guided visualisation, relaxation and instilling a firm belief within the minds of his patients that they would get well.

His first two AIDS patients in the early 1980's actually got well, as they were not pre-conditioned to the belief that AIDS was terminal (this quickly changed once the virus hit the newspapers).

Other groundbreaking doctors such as Dr Herbert Benson have shown the amazing effects of relaxation on the body, and Norman Cousins wrote how he overcame a life-threatening disease with the help of laughter - which it turns out, releases healing encephalins into the bloodstream.

Then there was Emile Coue, who was a famous pharmacist who was responsible for thousands of remarkable documented healings at the beginning of the 20th century - simply by instilling a powerful belief within his patients, and getting them to recite a powerful affirmation.

With the explosion of alternative medicine, it's even quite common for meditation to be offered in hospitals, which was rarely offered 40 years ago (and I myself taught meditation and visualisation in hospitals many years ago).

The importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body is now replacing the old way of thinking "health is decided by mere luck".

  Power of the mind

Your Inner 24/7 Healing Mechanism - Your Immune System

Your body was designed to be healthy, as it has an enormous amount of natural self-healing mechanisms designed to keep you well - though stress can at times put this system out of balance.

Your powerful immune system contains almost every chemical you will find in a drug store or pharmacy, and when given the correct instructions, will release the correct chemical (in the correct dose) into the bloodstream to attain its goal of perfect health.

For instance, the most powerful painkiller used in hospitals - morphine, is naturally created within the body - and often used by the body's immune system to reduce or completely numb all pain.

Your immune system also contains the powerful cancer-killing 'T cell', which is purely designed to kill cancer cells and other foreign cells within the body.

Your body, all its functions and your immune system are controlled and co-ordinated by your subconscious mind, and so your mind is basically the source of your health, assuming that your diet is relatively healthy.

Your subconscious controls the functioning of all your vital organs and processes, such as keeping your heart pumping, your breathing regular, your circulation constant, and your cells regenerating.

For 40 years scientific research has shown that stressful thoughts can make us ill, and that relaxation - which boosts the functioning of our immune system - can also help us to get well.

Mind Body Healing

Examples of the Mind in Healing:

* Immune Response

A person told they are being touched by a red-hot object - under hypnosis, will often produce a burn blister, despite the object actually being room temperature.

* Placebo Effect

- In a recent study, Parkinson’s patients who were given fake surgery or fake drug treatments produced a powerful healing chemical in quantities similar to those who receive genuine medical treatment.

The good news is that there is growing clinical evidence that releasing stress from your mind and body, increases the functioning of the immune system. This can be highly beneficial in regard to many conditions, particularly those where there is no treatment and the immune system is the first line of defense.

Major areas that have shown improvement in tests include pain, skin disease, diabetes, breast cancer, arthritis, headaches and severe burns, among many, many others.

Mental techniques such as relaxation, meditation, visualisation, hypnosis and affirmations have shown to boost the body's immune system and accelerate the natural healing process.

  Keys to Success

Stress inhibits the body's natural immune system, while relaxation strengthens it, and accelerates the healing processes within the body.

Relaxing activities - even just taking a bath, walking amongst nature, and deep breathing can help to bring a response from our immune system.

This is why regularly using any of the various forms of mental relaxation techniques - such as meditation, mindfulness, theta-level soundtracks, breathing exercises and relaxation recordings - can all be very helpful for bringing down stress levels and assisting with the body's natural healing response.