Release Your Fear of Flying  Phobia - with Hypnosis

Fear can eventually govern our life, unless we make a conscious decision to overcome it.

Does Flying On A Plane, Or Even Just The Thought - Fill You With Dread, Stress & Fear?

Dont worry, you are not alone - and it's far more common than you may think. Even better, aerophobia can be reversed - easily and effortlessly.

Overcome Fear of planes, flights, flying, airports and travel, with hypnosis  

Many people around the world suffer from a whole range of physical symptoms whenever they fly on planes - or even prepare for a flight.

Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, shaking, heart palpitations, perspiring, dizziness, dry mouth, extreme worrying, impaired thinking, and many others.

And while it's true that it's your mind which actually triggers these symptoms, the fact is that physically you are experiencing a very real level of anxiety in a place where support is generally not available.

Part of the problem is that those dont experience fear of flying, often have no empathy or understanding of people who are afflicted by it, and their indifference often only heightens the anxiety that the sufferer is experiencing.

Before I became a hypnotherapist, I had first-hand experience of these flight issues - mainly with taking off, and landing.

The good news is that I overcame it, and like myself and our readers, you can too - using the same simple method.

There are many different factors which can trigger these feelings, ranging from:

  • worry about turbulence

  • feeling impatient when waiting

  • worrying about the possibility of terrorism

  • fear of not being in 100% total control of the situation, and forced to rely upon the pilot's judgment and the plane's mechanical processes other related fears - such as a fear of heights, crowds, stale air or enclosed spaces

The most common and effective treatment for symptoms of the fear of flying is by dealing with the issue right at the very source - the subconscious mind - the place where all fears reside within the mind. 

Relaxation and hypnosis are most effective of dealing with issues within the subconscious, as they help to 're-program' our mind and continually reduce the physical symptoms until they eventually disappear completely.

Here are some additional things that can be of help:

1. Replace fearful thought by repeating a few words or short phrase over and over again - about 100-200 times, silently in your mind. This is often called a mantra, and prevents the mind from thinking anything else, and blocks negative thoughts. It could be anything that you choose to repeat, but a positive phrase would probably be better - eg. I’m calm and relaxed.

2. As fear is a reaction caused by negative and fearful thoughts, you can shut down all the negative chatter by closing your eyes, taking two deep breaths, in and out, then either:

a) go to a calm relaxed place in your mind
b) go to a safe ‘inner cave’ in your mind - imagine it with a warm crackling fire, lying down on a soft bed, and imagine you are talking to a wise soul who is calming you with their sage advice (eg. Yoda etc).
c) focus on your breath, and count each outbreath - 1..2..3..4..and then go back to 1 and start again - and keep going until you feel relaxed and in control.

4. Use distractions during take-off and landing. eg. Read a book or do a crossword, or fix your gaze onto a tiny spot on the back of the seat in front of you, and don’t take your focus off it, even for a second. Just keep staring at that spot, and it will calm your mind down quickly (it’s a meditation technique).

5. Use some sensory deprivation to calm yourself down further, while using any of these techniques (on the plane) - eg. eye mask and ear plugs.

Aerophobia is a type of mental 'program' running on our internal software - and so when the program is deleted and changed, the result is a feeling of calm control and a continual reduction of the physical symptoms, until they disappear completely.

Having worked with several clients who came to see me for aerophobia, I also created a hypnosis recording which re-programs the subconscious mind to totally overcome the symptoms that sufferers regularly encounter.

As well as the powerful positive hypnotic suggestions, you are also guided through a soothing and reassuring 'flight' visualisation, where you imagine yourself travelling calmly and safely on a plane.

Naturally you remain in complete control the whole time, and at the finish, you are easily guided back up to a refreshed and awakened state.

With regular use, the old mental 'fear' program is eventually replaced with the new program - of soothing confidence and calm reassurance, which continually lessen the symptoms you have previously experienced on plane flights.

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