Looking to Create a Audio Product for Your Business to Sell?

- Information, Motivational, Relaxation, Hypnosis, Subliminals, Self Help, etc

For Decades, I have Created Digital Products for Companies Of All Sizes & Types (from the Ground, Up).   Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Published Author, I Regularly Use My Skills for:

* Writing the Script / Content for the Recording(s)

* Recording Vocal Recordings of the Content

* Adding Various Background or Brainwave Soundtracks to blend with Vocal or Subliminal Recordings

* ID and Image Tagging the MP3's, to Reinforce your Brand and Copyright Protection

* Providing Valuable Advice, Information and Resources When Required.


1. Beginning

* You outline what you need, and I provide a quote and timeline.

* I reply to emails promptly - and answer questions with clear detail, which ensures we both have a copy of every detail we have outlined throughout the process, and so there are rarely any surprises due to lack of communication.

  audio recording

2. Creation

* This may involve anything from ghost-writing / creating your scripts, recording the vocals (or using your own vocal files), sound-editing with background soundtracks to create MP3 versions, and adding digital tagging for branding and protection.

I keep you updated at all times with regular emails to keep you informed of the progress.


3. Delivery!

* Once your project is completed, I email you a download link to your entire project, neatly organized in clearly categorized folders.

As a lot of my clients are repeat customers who I have worked with for many years, I am always here for after-sales advice or to discuss future projects.

Just a few of the areas I work in...

Script Writing, Ghost Writing, Proof Reading

On various different topics, just to name a few..

  • Personal Development
  • Positive Thinking
  • Meditation
  • Self Image
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Overcoming Negative Patterns
  • Hypnosis applications
  • Stress
  • Human Issues
  • Healing and the Mind
  • Addictions / Fears
  • Mind Development
  • And many others (fuller list below)

Audio / Editing Skills

Just a few aspects

  • Vocal or Subliminal Audio Recordings
    - Informational, Hypnosis, etc
  • Background or Brainwave Soundtracks
    of any type or relaxation level
  • Created for Awakened or Relaxation States
  • Product Protection
    - MP3 Image & Info Digital Tagging
  • Advice Available on Aspects of Product Development
    - Setup, Security, Soundtracks, Hypnotic Suggestion etc
Mind Training Benefits

Major Benefits:

* You Are Always In Control of Your Product
- you have complete control over the content on your scripts / recordings - before, during, and after the project

* Cost & Time Effective - Create a Product You Can Sell Forever
- creating digital products are the way of both now and in the future, and they will be in demand for a long time.

* Quick Turnaround
- I pride myself on beating my timelines to ensure you get the best possible product as soon as possible

* Trust & Integrity Truly Count When Your Products Are Concerned
- Your products are your future income, and that is something you do not risk with anyone who might sell your original files.  This is why people have entrusted me with their work for the past 25 years.  No-one else ever sees, or works on, your files except myself, and I am the only person you will communicate with regarding your project.

  Keys to Success

Start The Engines of Your Project!

Outline details of what you need, or email any questions - to start your project rolling!

I will be in touch shortly, and look forward to working with you.

Craig Townsend