About MindTraining.net

About: Craig Townsend, Founder / Owner of MindTraining.net

MindTraining.net was founded in 1999 by Craig Townsend, who is a renowned mental trainer, clinical hypnotherapist, Time Line therapist (NLP), author, and speaker.

Craig has over 25 years of experience in the area of personal development and elite sports, and he has researched and experimented with numerous methods to tap into the mind's potential, to create audios which help you embed and automate into your life whatever positive changes you wish to implement.

Craig developed his deeply effective, cutting-edge audio programs by blending a wide range of different modalities which communicate directly at the subconscious level.

These include hypnosis, subliminal suggestion, brainwave frequencies, binaural beats, theta brainwave frequencies, NLP, various types of meditation, visualization / imagery, neuro-linguistic programming, various aspects of eastern philosophy, and the world-renowned Silva Method.

Craig's work spans the entire area of human behavior - including:

• stress management / anxiety
• goal achievement
• creating new habits and behaviors
• self-esteem
• health / wellbeing
• business success / skills / mindsets
• weight loss
• lifestyle improvements
• personal development
• sexual issues / intimacy
• focus and concentration
• overcoming self-sabotage patterns
• fears / phobias
• mind training for elite athletes
• and many others.

Craig's sports training programs have been utilized by Olympic and professional athletes, national/state coaches, associations, and university teams, and by numerous private companies in the self help and subliminal areas.

He has worked with international level athletes for several decades through to top professional level, and his book Mind Training for Swimmers was elected top 5 must-reads by World Swimming Magazine.

Craig's articles have been published by elite sports publications & establishments around the world, such as the Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association (ATP/WTA players), 'Swimming In Australia' - the official Journal of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, and the Italian Nuotare Magazine.

Craig has been hired to ghostwrite and produce a diverse array of products for numerous well-known individuals and organizations in the self-help industry.

These products encompassed a wide range of topics, spanning from personal growth and health enhancement, to holistic practices, metaphysical beliefs, consciousness exploration, spirituality, and mind-body connection.

These have been personally created for many renowned mind & health gurus, life coaches, wellness practitioners, motivational speakers, success coaching corporations, as well as a certification program for aquaphobia.

He worked as a mental trainer at the Athens Olympics, and he has run private practices and seminars for corporate business, major sporting bodies, pro & Olympic athletes, major corporations, cancer patients at major hospitals & elite sports associations.

Craig has given corporate talks to clients such as Fujitsu, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Deloittes Thomatsu Chartered Accountants, and the Comverse Network Systems World Group Annual Meeting in Thailand - but now devotes his time to creating greater change and personal development through his audio mastery.

Craig has developed a catalog of over 100 hypnosis/mental training audio MP3s and creates customized hypnosis recordings which blend binaural beat soundtracks, theta brainwave frequencies, positive suggestion and optional subliminal content to overcome barriers, strengthen confidence, and automate positive new behaviors and actions.

Craig’s powerful blend of hypnosis / visualization MP3 programs have delivered consistent and impressive results over the past 25 years, and his website MindTraining.net has a long-established reputation around the world in the areas of transformation, self-help, and sporting excellence.