Rewiring Your Brain: Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Without Drugs or Nicotine Patches

Cigarettes can become an ingrained habit that almost becomes a part of our own internal software, so the best way to stop lighting up it is right where the habit began, in the subconscious mind.

To Give Up Smoking Can Be a Tricky Health Addiction To Overcome - The Key is to Use an Effective, Pain-Free, Natural and Drug-Free Way, That Works.. Forever.

Like all addictions or involuntary habits, smoking is simply a mental program which runs within the software of our subconscious mind, exactly the same way a computer runs - and so once we change the program, we also change the habit, forever.

Quit Smoking without Drugs or Patches - with Hypnosis  

This is the reason why no matter how hard we consciously try to kick the habit, the urge to smoke remains unchanged - which is why the cold turkey approach is notoriously unreliable.

The New York Times even recently reported that nicotine gum and patches have no lasting benefit, revealed in the most rigorous long-term study by the Tobacco Control journal - and said they may even backfire in some cases.

Smoking is one of the toughest habits to overcome, with normal external methods - and we have been contacted by some people who have smoked for over 50 years.

Smoking becomes such a habit for people, will-power simply is not enough to be able to (permanently) give up forever.

This is where hypnosis can make these changes effortlessly, and remove many years or decades of smoking desire - to the point where you literally no longer even like the taste or smell of cigarettes anymore. Our brains re-adapt, so we no longer crave the cigarettes - and a positive new desire to be healthy begins to grow.

And the only way that can be done is through self-hypnosis, which communicates at the deepest subconscious level, and allows you to rewire the internal circuits that make you desire to light a cigarette.

For those who have tried everything and had no success - the only way is to go to the very source of the issue.

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J. Askin, MI

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