Overcome Dating Anxiety, & Increase Confidence and Success - with Hypnosis

Successful dates are not as far away as they might seem - often it just takes a little tweaking to turn our results around.

Do Anxiety or Lack of Confidence Ruin Your Dating - and Your Chances for Romance, Love and Relationships?

Or Simply Looking To Improve Your Romantic Success, to Have an Intimate Relationship?

No problem. Even the most confident people experience anxiety and stress when dating - and unconscious self-sabotage on dates is very common. By applying simple self-hypnosis, you can transform your love life very quickly.


Overcome Dating Anxiety and Increase Confidence  

Nervousness is a big issue with singles around the globe, as each week people email us with familiar stories, such as:

* feeling anxious or awkward during the date

* feeling self-conscious about needing to keep the conversation flowing naturally

* feeling too anxious to ask someone for a date

* and those who felt they had met the 'right' person - but missed their opportunity for a relationship due to anxiety


The secret is simply being able to truly relax and naturally enjoy dating - which automatically means your partner will be able to relax and enjoy themselves, too.


It is not only your words that are communicating with your date - at the subconscious level, your mind and body are constantly communicating unconscious signals through your body language, which your date intuitively picks up.


This is fine, of course, if the unconscious signals convey a relaxed, enjoyable and positive interest in your date - but anxiety or stress can change the feel-good, upbeat mood of the date.


Hypnosis can ensure your dating success by ensuring you relax and enjoy the date, by increasing your levels of inner belief and positive expectancy. Unfortunately we tend to get what we expect, not what we deserve.


Many people find they get caught in a recurring string of unsuccessful dates, which eventually begins to affect their confidence for future dates - and often even having the confidence to ask a person on a date.


Most do not realize that just a few tiny changes in confidence can change their results and love life quite dramatically.


Confidence is the key to taking your love life to the next level, and this is easily achieved through relaxation and visualization.


Visualization is where you mentally picture yourself, in your mind - using a combination of vivid mental images, mixed with powerful emotions - being on a fabulous date, where the mood, feel, and natural enjoyment of the date are all going perfectly.


It is a proven mental technique, which creates a new 'blueprint' for success - to transform your future dates into fabulous, fun and successful events - plus subconsciously attracting the right people into your life who match your personality.


Visualization allows you to mentally 'rehearse' your approach to the exact person you are dating - whether you have asked them out already, or not.


It's ironic that we can often unconsciously repel or sabotage the very things we desire most - and this process all occurs within the mind.


This is the unfortunate flip side to the power of the mind - just like a magnet, our mind can just as easily and powerfully attract what we want, or what we don't want.


Many of our customers were unsure how to go about applying these techniques correctly - so we created a hypnosis recording which guides you through the entire exercise, easily and effortlessly, and helps you transform your inner confidence in these situations.


It can be used on an ongoing basis for as long as you need (and discarded when you no longer need it!), and needless to say, it has been extremely popular, and had excellent results.


The Mind Training for Dating Anxiety mp3 hypnosis download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch!

Bonus Subliminal

This program now also includes a complementary additional 'night-time subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which will help you sleep more easily and deeply, while powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used in your daily hypnosis recording - play silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!

"I had always found dating a kind of traumatic experience over the past few years, because they never seemed to go well. I was always nervous and I think they must have sensed this because I hardly ever got a second date.

After trying your program I felt totally different, more in control and not as worried about how it would go, especially saying goodnight at the end of the date. I'm now getting second, third and fourth dates, so it's all good! ; )
Mark S, OK  

As always, MindTraining.net's renowned unconditional, iron-clad 100% 12 Month Moneyback Guarantee means you can enjoy this program without risk - so if you are not 100% satisfied with your product within one year, contact us for a full refund - no questions asked.


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Your MindTraining Program Includes:
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- Your Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Plus Bonus Recording:
- Night-time Sleep Subliminal

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Mind Training for
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- Introduction
- Your Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Plus Bonus Recordings:
- Night-time Sleep Subliminal

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