Soccer Power Mind Training Program

To deal with every major area and situation in on-field performance, I eventually created an all-in-one hypnosis / Visualisation recording, where you guided down to the optimum mental state, and then guided through a powerful match 'visualisation'.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions strengthen every major aspects of your game - confidence, belief, excellence in ball and kicking skills, footwork / movement, great communication, intuitive play, moving as a team etc etc.

Players absorb the information easily and find the hypnosis recording relaxing, calming and empowering - while coaches will often play the recording to their teams a couple of hours before a game.

Of course, there is also a vivid match visualisation, which takes you through the mental experience of your next match - where you picutre yourself performing at your peak level.

"Every team that aspires to compete at a championship level is looking for an edge over its opponents. Craig’s mental training techniques have provided our players with the tools to build a stronger mentality but also a confidence in knowing that they are better prepared than the teams we face".

Paul Habrecht
3x AMC Coach of the Year
Member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America & U.S. Soccer Federation


"This package has everything for our team's needs - great value, thanks".

J. Embery, UK


The program is suitable for all ages and standards, intermediate to elite levels, and young and adult competitors - to transform results over the weeks and months ahead.

Mind Training for Soccer is designed to mentally prepare soccer players / teams for everything they will need during the big game.

While some prefer to get a personalized set of recordings for $135, this program is instantly available by mp3 download for just $29.95


4 Bonus Extras - value $120!

This powerful program now also comes with these bonus extras:

'Essential Program Info' recording - explains the mind / body connection in soccer, and how mind training works.

2. a complementary additional 'night-time subliminal' recording - which will help you sleep more easily and deeply, while powerful hypnotic suggestions - identical to those used in your daily hypnosis recording - play silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

3. New! A bonus Goalkeeper's Hypnosis / Visualisation recording - the goalie now has their own separate recording.. and...

New! Bonus Goalkeeper's Night-time Subliminal

12 MONTH Unconditional Guarantee

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Your Daily Hypnosis / Visualisation
Bonus Night-time Subliminal
Bonus Essential Program Info
Goal Keeper Hypnosis / Visualisation
Bonus Goal Keeper Subliminal

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