Deep Theta-Level Meditation - for Anxiety, Stress, and a Better Life

This deep meditation program is designed to take all the hard work out of relaxing - and transports you into advanced levels of relaxation, easily and effortlessly.

This is one of the most powerful meditations available in the world today, and plays beneath a deep relaxation binaural music soundtrack, designed to bring about highly relaxed states quickly and effectively.

Regular use of this powerful recording creates transformational changes to your attitude, emotional control and mental clarity, and other multiple benefits which flow on right throughout your daily life.

The relaxation continues to deepen with each use, until it becomes an almost automatic response, or way of life, after a few weeks of regular use.

Meditating at this advanced level can bring emotional release for some, and as this is an extremely powerful relaxation tool, it comes with full instructions and ongoing personal email support from myself in regard to any questions you may have.

The benefits of these powerful states are almost infinite, as they permeate right through every area of your life with a ripple effect of positive effects.

Once you have been using this transformational program regularly, a calmer, clearer mindset soon begins to emerge, and life begins to seem clearer, simpler, easier and more in control.

Long-term issues simply begin to slowly dissolve and disappear, as the stress fades away and it becomes easier to feel positive, upbeat and relaxed, as life begins to move into a mode of effortless cruise control.

These advanced relaxation levels process and release stress, anxiety and long-held emotions at the deepest subconscious level.

The endless benefits of Mind Training for Deep Meditation mp3 download is $49.95, and available by instant download or $7 more for the CD.

A First Time Meditator

"I have been meditating for 15 years yet the health benefits I've had from this program have been nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you".

J. Upton, Melbourne, Australia


Impressions after 2 Months

"I reach that deep level every single time I listen and it is making a difference in my anxiety level and in my spiritual life. It is so hard to believe that something that sounds so simple could be this effective".

R. Kavel, OH, USA


Relieving Work Stress / Creative Ideas....

"Thanks for the great meditation program! I have a pretty demanding job and I'd tried everything to find a way to relax...but this is the only thing that's ever worked for me. I've even had a couple of great new ideas for work come from my sessions. Thank you so much".

B. Enfield, USA


Depth of Relaxation

"I have never experienced meditation this deeply before. Thanks a million".

D. Burns, NY, USA


Health Breakthroughs

"I love this! This has been a profound discovery".

Gordon Mayall, United Kingdom


A Long-Time Meditator...

"This meditation took me to places I have never been before, and it continues to get deeper and more satisfying each time I use it. Amazing".

Max Bauer, BC, Canada

Overcoming Stress

"This helped me overcome stress issues which were affecting me personally and at work. It's now an important part of my life.  Thanks". 
A. Chia, Singapore

A 'Holosync' Advanced Meditator

"I started meditating over 10 years ago - 6 using Holosync, and I'm currently on level 7. I felt like I needed a break - I emailed you a few questions, got your quick reply so thought I'd give it a go.

My first reaction was I couldn't believe how deep my meditation felt.
It was so very relaxing and peaceful.

My sleeps have been awesome. In fact I get up earlier so I can do it before work. Your follow ups to my many questions have been very prompt which I consider very important.

I highly recommend your meditation to anyone".
A Harden - Western Australia

$80 of Bonus Extras!

For a short time, this powerful meditation recording now also comes with 2 complementary additional meditations (valued at $80).   These are 2 shorter versions of the main deep meditation (14 and 22 minutes) which help you to meditate during the times when you are too busy to fit the longer version into your daily schedule.

"This is the most remarkable meditation I have experienced in 25 years".
Hugh Mosely, AK

12 MONTH Unconditional Guarantee

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Your Deep Meditation Program Includes:

Essential Info - Deep Meditation Program
Your Main Daily Meditation (38 mins)
* Plus Bonus Recordings:
21 Minute Quick Deep Meditation (21 mins)
14 Minute Quick Deep Meditation (14 mins)

* Also includes
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CD Version - $56.95


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