Cancer Meditation / Visualization For Increasing Healing Response

When I taught meditation to patients in hospitals, I quickly discovered the major issues and concerns many of the patients had.

Many felt they needed to hear more positive talk, to offset the bad news they were always hearing, and hope -or even dare to feel hopeful -about their condition.

Soon after, I created a guided meditation tailored to these exact aspects, purely designed to boost the body's immune system - with plenty of positive, powerful and uplifting words, which are pure nourishment for the mind, body and spirit.

This uses a combination of relaxation, positive hypnotic suggestion and visualization, which combine to activate your subconscious mind and immune system and focus their power upon your body.

The hypnosis / visualization recording guides you into a deeply relaxed state, then sends powerful positive suggestions directly to your subconscious, then guides you through a healing visualization, and then brings you out of the relaxed state.

This recording deepens and becomes more effective each time you use it, and should be used on a daily basis as a part of your daily health and healing routine.

The benefits of this daily hypnosis recording are almost infinite - as the potent blend of relaxation, positive hypnotic suggestions and healing visualization can positively affect every area of your physical health.

Needless to say, we do not recommend anyone use this as an alternative treatment to those prescribed by a doctor or oncologist, but as a supplementary or complementary treatment to help your immune system strengthen - which is often much-needed during the course of heavy treatments.

Mind Training Benefits

Benefits of Meditation / Visualization

* Deep Relaxation Boosts The Immune System - your mind is guided down into relaxation, which reduces stress and improves the activity of your immune system, which accelerates and escalates your body's chances of healing.

* Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions - the hypnotic suggestions instruct the subconscious mind to activate and accelerate the healing process through the body's immune system.

* Numerous Health Benefits - the long-term health benefits of regular meditation are well documented, which impact upon every area of your body.

* Hypnosis is a completely non-invasive, safe, natural, drug-free, relaxing and convenient complementary treatment - without any effects upon any existing treatments you may be on.

* Convenient and Private - you can easily use on any device that plays mp3's, which can be used at home or even in hospital (using earpieces or headphones).

* Personal Product Support by email direct with product creator, Craig Townsend.

You might also ask the question why is this product not free for cancer patients?  Excellent question.  I initially provided these meditations to patients complementarily, as I felt that they already had enough to deal with, both emotionally and financially, without having to pay for additional help.

But to my surprise, something very interesting happened when I did this.  For some reason, because the product was handed to them for nothing, they also valued it as..well, nothing - which meant, to my great disappointment, they simply were not using it and realizing its benefits (which, of course, was the entire point of giving them away). 

Plus I noticed they were often using inferior products which they had paid for, while others (who obviously were not experiencing health issues) were re-selling my recordings to patients, which I felt was morally unacceptable.

So finally I decided to set the program at an achievable price for most people - and sure enough, patients quickly began using the recordings and realizing their benefits.

"I was diagnosed with a brain tumor three years ago, and had several operations. The support group I went to were very much into meditation as an extra form of treatment, so I searched online and found exactly what I was looking for.

I feel calmer from the relaxation, and the guided healing meditation makes me feel like I have some level of influence over my body's health. The night recording has come in handy a few times when I had trouble sleeping too.

I want to thank you for helping to make this difficult journey feel easier and more bearable".
Mel C, MO

The Mind Training for Strengthening the Immune System mp3 hypnosis download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch!


Bonus Subliminal

For a short time, this powerful program also comes with a complementary additional 'Night-time Subliminal' recording (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep (great for insomnia too).

All you will hear is relaxation music - while your subconscious absorbs the powerful hypnotic suggestions playing silently underneath - and continues as you sleep. (NB. hypnotic content identical to your main recording).

Your powerful subconscious silently goes to work on it day and night 24/7 - yes, even in your sleep!

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