Peak Sports Performance with Mental Training & Hypnosis

Mental training is one of the biggest players in sports improvement in the 21st century. All the talent and skill in the world won't stop an athlete seizing up under pressure.


Mental training is the answer, to achieve mental toughness, peak performance, and overcome various issues, slumps in form, and much more.

Mental training creates a winning attitude, habits and results.


Achieving peak sports performance - regularly - is no accident.  It requires careful planning and using a mental training program, designed to bring these champion qualities out when you need them most, under pressure.


Powerful methods such as self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, self-talk and affirmations are highly effective when used correctly - this why our mental training recordings were created.  They are created in mp3 format, so they can be used on any smart devices, tablets, iPods, etc (though we have CDs as well).

They allow you to use correct mental training routines at any time of the day, in the privacy and convenience of your home, as well as a couple of hours before performance.


It's much like having your very own personal hypnotherapy session, to prepare you to meet your challenges ahead with unlimited power and unquenchable belief.


Importantly, it also teaches you the skills of relaxation and visualization, that you can later use even without the recordings, if you need to at any time of the time.

While mental training often creates quick improvement at competition standard, the real value is in the long-term, permanent transformation it creates in your performances and results, over the months and years ahead.


For those who seek constant improvement and the edge on their competitors, the question to always ask is:"how will tomorrow be any different from today?". Mental training is the answer.

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Benefits of Mental Training

* Reinforces strong technique with visualization
* Remaining cool and performing strongly under pressure
* Increasing inner belief and self confidence
* Overcoming self-sabotage and intimidation
* Accessing the 'peak performance' mental state known as the Zone
* Handling self doubts, fear and negative self talk
* To relax and perform to your highest potential when it counts most
* Improve concentration and gain a deeper focus
* Mental clarity, thinking clearly under pressure
* Bouncing back strongly after setbacks
* Displaying the characteristics and aura of a winner, which can intimidate opponents

Lack of Mental Strength Leads to:

* Missed opportunities
* Lost confidence
* Poor technique
* Unusual technical errors
* Poor decision-making
* Off days / slumps in form
* Intimidation from competitors
* Extreme nerves on competition day
* Loss of confidence

So no matter what you need to improve in your sport, your subconscious mind is just waiting for your instructions, to do it.  It is the secret of the champions, and they guard this information very closely!


Check out our list of sports, and other sports-related programs, here - Sports Mental Training Listor don't hesitate to email your and we will be in touch.


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"The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited". Craig Townsend



















Mental Training for Peak Performance

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