Effortless Abundance Through Law of Attraction.

Access the Brainwave Frequencies of the Rich

Abundant people are wired differently.  They naturally operate at a different brainwave frequency, to everyone else - and now we can access it too.

headphonesWith a mere set of headphones, you can literally close your eyes & re-wire your mind for success.

Our transformational theta subliminal soundtracks do the rest - to clear the self-sabotage & connect to the wealth channel, and natural flow of abundance.

abundance law of attractionThis opens up a vibrant, hidden world of new possibilities and opportunities...

which have never been available to you till now.  Why?

Because access to this world does not exist unless you are connected via the abundance brainwave frequencies.

Abundance Mind Frequencies MP3 Download

(15 Tracks / up to 5 HOURS of Audios - total value $410)

1. Essential Info - Abundance Mind Frequencies Program

2. "Creation" Module (Mornings - choice of 5 tracks, value $115)

3. "Manifestation" Module (Going to Sleep - choice of 4 tracks, value $115)

** BONUS Modules (6 tracks - value $180):

4. Bonus "Reinforcement" Module (4 daytime background tracks - safely play during exercise / activity, value $120)

5. Bonus 12 Minute "After Work Relax" Module (value $30)

6. Bonus "Mind Training for Wealth & Prosperity" Guided Hypnosis / Visualization (value $30)

$410 of Life Transformation

$149.00  $69.95

* 1 Year Unconditional Warranty

Get Connected to the Abundance Gateway Now

So How Does It Work?

* Any physicist will tell you humans are made up of millions of vibrating energy molecules, and these are influenced by our brainwave frequencies.

* This energy creates our own personal 'success vibration' - which attracts our own personal experiences, opportunities and possibilities - often known as the abundance Law of Attraction.

* This is why big opportunities only seem accessible to those who have displayed previous success - ie. those who have stronger brainwave frequencies (around the 4-8 cycles per second, otherwise known as theta level).    

* Now it is easy to change our personal success vibration (and the experiences it attracts) by using powerful subliminal theta soundtracks.

Top 5 Reasons People Use Brainwave Frequency Entrainment

1. Connects You with Brainwave Frequencies of Success

- our theta soundtracks tune your mind to natural 4-8 GHz brainwave frequencies of abundance, while releasing emotional blockages & any limiting subconscious beliefs we have about abundance.

3. Connect, Create, Attract, Manifest & Magnify Abundance

- theta brainwave frequencies strengthen your abilities to create, attract, manifest and magnify the natural flow of abundance

4. Automatic Wealth Consciousness - Naturally Think Like the Wealthy

- our transformational sountracks literally 'meditate your mind' with brainwave frequencies of abundance, removing blockages, strengthening intuition, creativity, ideas & clarity 

5. Effortless & Convenient - Manifesting New Lifestyles / Wealth / Relationship..

- The soundtracks do all the work for you - simply play them regularly as directed, and they will take care of the rest.

- Bringing our goals into reality is relatively is effortless to those with a wealth consciousness - not to mention deeply satisfying for those who endured years of struggle and striving - and confirmation of our inner power.


- As we have been in the personal development industry for 25 years, we offer superior support to ensure you have maximum access to this training, such as:

A) we have added a large number of bonus inclusions to the main program (now up to 5 hours of total MP3's), to arm you with all the reinforcement you will ever need.

B) by continuing to support you, answering any questions you may have throughout your journey (no charge).

Turning Point

"This has been a major turning point in my life.  I only wish I had found this years ago".

Alex Rogan, PA


Impressions after 1 Month

"I'm now far more aware that every thought has the power to create.  I seem to be developing a greater awareness that I can change my life circumstances. Thank you".

Felicity Main, Brisbane, Australia


"I was surprised to find this works on many areas of life, kind of like deep-level meditation, except a heck of a lot easier.  Money has started flowing again thank god, but also.. my anxiety is almost gone and my social confidence has improved.  Things are definitely moving in my life again, at last! : ) "

Jay Milton,  MA


“I’m interested to know if this happens a lot.. I’ve been on the cusp of a whole bunch of opportunities the past few years, but I couldn’t make them happen.. at least, not until I started your program. I don’t really understand how it works, but I’m not complaining - because somehow everything has just seemed to suddenly fall into place.  Is this because the program 'unblocked' some of my own resistance, as you mention on the Intro?”.
T. DePalma, FL


"Since I began using this program, a lot of things have changed, pretty massively. I had never attributed any of them to the program, because they all seemed like separate things. But looking back over the past 8 months, it feels like it's someone else's life (ie. scored a much better job, bought first apartment, won a trip, steady relationship for first time)... is that weird, or what? Now I'm thinking there's probably no other explanation. I sure won't be stopping anytime soon!".

Jonathan Weiss, CA

Business Success

"I thought I was doing OK before I started the program, but this has been an eye opener for me. I can't believe what a difference it's made to my work life".

Roger Pare, USA

A New Era

"This has become a new way of life for me, and a new way of thinking.   I really notice if I miss a meditation".

Alfred Connor, Canada


Abundance Mind Frequencies Program:

* 1 Year Moneyback Guarantee

$149.00  $49.95 all inclusive

Full List of Soundtracks:

* 15 Tracks + Notes  * Up to 5 Hours of MP3s (347mb)
* Total value $410  * 1 Year Moneyback Guarantee

1. Essential Info

* Intro - 21 Minute Essential Program Information

2. "Creation" Module
(MORNINGS - choice of 5 soundtracks, value $115

* Envisage - 7 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Flow - 12 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* New Era - 12 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Origin - 12 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Enlighten - 20 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
+ Module Notes - a text explanation of how to use the Creation module most effectively

3. "Manifestation" Module
(Played When GOING TO SLEEP - choice of 4 soundtracks, value $115

* Zone - 5 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Integrate - 12 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Attraction - 30 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
* Magnetic - 60 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
+ Module Notes - a text explanation of how to use the Manifestation module most effectively

+ BONUS Abundance Modules below (6 tracks, value $180):

4. Bonus "Reinforcement" Module
(SAFELY PLAYED DURING ACTIVITY - Driving, Exercise etc. 3 daytime background soundtracks - value $120)

* Carefree - 15 Minute Subliminal Soundtrack
* Motivation - 30 Minute Subliminal Soundtrack
* Pinnacle - 15 Minute Subliminal Soundtrack 
+ Module Notes - a text explanation of how to use the Reinforcement module

5. Bonus 12 Minute "After Work Relax" Module - used AFTER WORK - value $30)

* Serenity - 12 Minute Theta Subliminal Soundtrack
+ Module Notes - a text explanation of how to use the After Work Relax module

6. Bonus GUIDED Hypnosis / Visualization (PROGRAM BOOSTER - OPTIONAL ONCE A WEEK - nb. not subliminal - value $30)

* Mind Training for Wealth & Prosperity - 25 Minute Guided Hypnosis / Visualization Theta Track 
+ Module Notes - a text explanation of how to use the Guided Hypnosis / Visualization module

7. LIFETIME Email Support

You can email us at any time with questions or for advice in regard to your program.