Coronavirus 19 Anxiety Relaxation

Escape the covid pandemic for 12 minutes each day, by calming your emotions - and set the mental groundwork for your great future ahead (once this is all over) - by regularly visualizing your fabulous future life each day, once the pandemic has been defeated once and for all.

Life WILL be great again! So now is the perfect time to program yourself for a fabulous future, while taking time out to escape the everyday anxiety that people are experiencing. Use this complementary recording regularly, and you will feel more and more calm, positive and in control.

Enjoy - and be ready to thrive in your new life once this is all over : )


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It’s certainly an unprecedented time in the past 100 years - and apart from the obvious sadness for so many people whose lives and families are affected, as well as the economy - hopefully there will also be some upsides emerge in the long term - ie. the world getting a break from pollution and travel, people reconnecting with themselves and their inner resources, a new appreciation for how great our lives were / are, expedited technologies that are being brought forward, new opportunities in business, etc.

While it will probably be a somewhat different version of the world once this clears, no doubt we will thrive and move forward as we always do. But for now - we just have to wait it out. The good stuff is ahead though, so use this guided relaxation to be ready for it, and you can hit the ground running.