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"Whatever the Mind can conceive and Believe, it can Achieve" 
        Napoleon Hill
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Transform Your Track & Field Events with Mental Training



"The only one who can beat me is me".
Michael Johnson

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Do You Perform Better in Training Than Under Pressure?

Are You Affected By Nerves, Intimidation, Doubt, Fear or Negative Thoughts?

Or Just Looking To Take Your Track and Field to the Next Level?

You are in the right place. Mental training not only strengthens performance but also helps overcome recurring issues which may have been holding you back - and so improvement can often occur quickly and spontaneously.

Where two or more athletes of equal physical strength and ability compete against each other, it's always decided by who is the toughest mentally.

This is why mental training gives you the edge over most of your competitors who only train physically.

Mental training methods have been proven around the globe to take athletes to their absolute peak performance levels, and it is one of the biggest changes to sport around the world this century.

As a mental trainer, for the past few decades I have worked with a vast number of athletes, teams and coaches from various track and field events from around the world, teaching mental toughness and peak performance - to boost their training and competition performances, and deal with various issues, slumps in form, and challenges they encounter.

The list includes runners (sprint, middle and long distance), jump events such as high jump and triple jump, and throwing events such as javelin, discuss and shot put.

My job was to boost their competition performances, and overcome various issues, slumps in form, and other challenges they encounter.

I created visualization recordings for them which showed them how to mentally rehearse their performances in the optimum mental state.

Without exception (and often to their complete amazement!), their performances improved dramatically after doing this.

We now know that your mind is constantly programming your performances - in fact, your mental "wiring" has been delivering the results you have been achieving right up to this point.

This is because your mind controls your body, and not the other way around as many seem to think!

By simply tweaking the mental "software" that delivers your body's results, improvement occurs powerfully, automatically and effortlessly, every single time....... because it simply has to.

Your subconscious mind is the center of your track and field performances.

Your subconscious co-ordinates all your bodily movement, reactions, reflexes, muscle memory, as well as the functioning of all your vital organs are areas completely controlled by your subconscious mind.

It functions 24/7 - and it is the awesomely powerful 'control panel' just waiting for your instructions, to achieve your track and field dreams.

Among the most powerful mental training techniques for transforming your track and field events are visualization, relaxation and hypnosis, as these work together at the absolute control center of your performance - your subconscious mind.

It controls all bodily movement, plus it also stores all your years or training, muscle memory and previous experience, in your vast memory bank. All this information is simply waiting to be accessed, whenever you need it.

One of the most powerful ways of programming the mind is using visualization - often called imagery or mental rehearsal.

This is a very powerful, world-renowned technique where you relax your mind and then, using all your senses, vividly imagine performing at the absolute peak of your ability on the big day.

When this is done correctly at regular daily intervals, this process creates an inner blueprint for your body to follow in your track and field performances.

The power of this technique is how easily you can customize it to your next performance, or to focus upon any area of your performance you wish.

Visualizing on a regular basis allows you to:

  • Pre-program and fine-tune your track and field techniques, strategies, and general performance

  • Overcome technical flaws, and increase efficiency and consistency

  • Handle and reduce pain more easily

  • Increase confidence and self belief

  • Overcome intimidation from competitors, and erase recurring negative habits and self sabotage

  • Overcome extreme nervousness before and during events

  • Strengthen concentration, focus and mental endurance in both training and events

  • Strengthen your natural motivation to training
  • Improve any area of your performance effortlessly - even without changing anything you are doing in training

  • Have a proven secret weapon your competitors don't know about!

  • Accelerate learning of new physical skills and techniques

  • Accelerate healing of injuries and recovery time, and much more.

Just like going to the gym, visualization is like going to the inner gym for a workout each day - though unlike gym it only takes about 20 minutes each day, and can be easily customized each day to your exact needs.

Access Your Track and Field "Zone"

It is well known that mental training can also help competitors to access The Zone - the awesomely powerful mental state renowned around the world to deliver the absolute peak performance, both in track and field and all sports.

The Zone occurs when the subconscious mind takes control of your performance, which delivers instinctive, automatic and brilliant results which seem to happen almost magically on auto-pilot.

This process is far more powerful than when we consciously or manually try to control every action or movement during a performance.

When an athlete is 'in the zone', their more powerful subconscious runs their performance instinctively on auto-pilot.

This is much the way a computer runs software, which allows their movements, thoughts and technical ability to flow in a way that can never be matched by conscious thought, which effortlessly increases speed, accuracy, power, and anything else you require on the day.

Of course, this is not to say that your body is performing without instruction - on the contrary, it is simply getting its instructions from a far more powerful and reliable source.

Training the mind is one of the main differences separating the 21st century approach to sport, from the last century.

Needless to say, the results from mental training in virtually every sport are absolutely outstanding - which is no surprise to me as I have been working with sportspeople and athletes for decades, and have seen first-hand what these techniques can do.

The subconscious mind is the absolute master track and field computer - containing all of your track and field memories, knowledge and experience in your event, and it always knows exactly what you need to do to succeed.

Of course, like any computer, it also has the ability to work against us if not programmed correctly.   

When self-sabotage occurs, it shows through missed opportunities, a sudden fear of success or failure, lost confidence, poor form, etc.

So simply by fine-tuning the mind for success can make quantum leaps in your performance level.

Mental training also improves our motivation and positive expectation of success, which is massively important as we tend to get what we expect rather than what we deserve.

Along with this, it also helps us to break out of negative or recurring patterns, or self-sabotage in performance - as the mind can just as easily work for us, or against us, depending upon how it is programmed.

Pain Relief with Hypnosis / Mental Training

Your mind controls your enormously powerful immune system in our body, which co-ordinates a natural drug-store of healing and pain-relief chemicals within your body - and this the exact area that hypnosis and mental training work with.

Your body's immune system contains almost every chemical you will find in a drug store or pharmacy, even the most powerful painkillers used in hospitals - such as morphine, which can be used by the immune system to reduce or completely numb all pain. 

When given the correct instructions by your subconscious, it releases the right natural chemical (in the correct dose) into the bloodstream to relieve the pain and allow you to move more freely and easily.

As the relaxation and visualization had to be done correctly to get the most effective results, I found athletes responded far more quickly and effectively when guided through the entire experience of visualization, than when they were left on their own to try and work it all out.

This is how the Mind Training for Track and Field hypnosis / visualization recordings came about, which has become one of the most popular products over the past decade.

The visualization recordings take care of your entire mental training experience from start to finish, while also allowing you to be able to customize the visualization to whatever events you have approaching.

Firstly the recording takes you down into the perfect level of relaxation required for effective mental training, which is followed by powerful hypnotic suggestions for building confidence, belief, relaxation and performance, which are absorbed by the subconscious mind at the deepest level.

This is then followed by a period of silent time which allows you to visualize yourself performing at your peak level (which you can also do for several different events, if you wish) - while the additional visualization recording for sprinters actually guides you through the sprinting process.

Here is where you tailor the images in your mind perfectly for your next major track and field event (or any other sport, for that matter), so you can pre-program your performance, strategies, confidence, and improve your technical mastery.

This visualization recording has shown to be remarkably effective, and has been one of the most popular mental training programs on this site.

This recording can be used any time of the day, in the convenience of your own home, and can also be used on an ongoing basis for as long as you need - saving you the cost of private consultations which can often cost several thousand dollars.

The main benefits of this powerful visualization recording have been:
  • Automatic Relaxation - the recording places you into an easy and automatic state of relaxation perfect for visualization (and also teaches you how relax in case you need to do a quick visualization before you perform).

  • Hypnotic Suggestions - designed to build confidence, inner belief, relaxation and emotional control - plus the sprinting recording programs the subconscious for explosive speed for sprinters.

  • Customizable Visualization - you can customize your mental imagery perfectly to your next event - to pre-program your performance, mental attitude, tactics and strategies, for future track and field success.

    This can be used for many other purposes as well, including other sports, business, and even for many life issues.

  • Helps Overcome Extreme Pre-Performance Nerves - the relaxation helps overcome chronic nervousness before and during performance - and most importantly, without over-relaxing.

  • The Recording Becomes More Powerful Each Day - hypnotic suggestions have been designed to make the recording become stronger and more effective each day.

  • Unlimited Free Advice and Product Support - email me any time with any questions you may have in regard to your mental training, and I promptly reply with an answer and solution.

This program contains 2 powerful hypnosis & visualization recordings available by mp3 download, so you have the freedom to use it anywhere you wish - including:

  • iPod / iTunes / mp3 player
  • Smart phones / iPhone / Android / Blackberry etc
  • burn directly to CD
  • or even played directly from your computer (both Windows and Mac), laptop or iPad.
  • at any time of the day or night!

The Track and Field mp3 download is just $29.95 - lifetime benefits, for the cost of lunch!  

2 Bonus Extras!

This powerful hypnosis recording now also comes with:

1. A Bonus 12 minute relaxation / visualization (valued at $20) which is a handy shorter version that can be used before performance or during times when you have less time to do your mental training.

2. A complementary additional 'night-time subliminal' recording for sprinters (valued at $25) - which you can play at night as you go to sleep.

The hypnotic suggestions used in your daily hypnosis recording play subliminally and silently underneath a beautiful binaural relaxation music soundtrack, which increases your mind's absorption of the positive suggestions.

*Plus 2 Optional MindTraining extras: "The Power of Belief" and a "Pre-Performance Motivator", valued at $40.

As with all our programs, you have the complete security of MindTraining.net's renowned unconditional, iron-clad 100% 12 month moneyback guarantee - so try the program without risk, and if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund - no questions asked!

The true value is the continuing benefits you gain - the ongoing benefits of these positive recordings continue to strengthen, and remain with you for life.

Plus, unlike the time and expense of regular hypnotherapy visits - you get constant 24/7 access to the recordings, to use at any time or whenever you happen to need it.

For those who seek constant improvement and the edge on their competitors, the question to always ask is: "how will tomorrow be any different from today?"

This is a question that mental training answers powerfully, every single time.

To begin your training in 5 minutes, you can order your download by simply clicking the button below for our secure server.

The following process takes place as you receive your download: Your order will be processed immediately, you will receive a receipt by email, and you will receive immediate instructions on the screen for your download.

Your Download contains the following:

A Quick Intro - recommendations for most effective use of your hypnosis recording.
Mind Training for Sports Visualization - Hypnosis / Visualization
- used for any track and field event.
Mind Training for Sprinting - Hypnosis / Visualization
- used for track sprinting events.
Bonus12 minute Relaxation / Visualization (valued at $20)
Bonus 'Sprinting' Night-time Subliminal mp3 (valued at $25)
100% Unconditional 12 Month Moneyback Guarantee
Ongoing access to Mental Training Articles
written by Craig Townsend in the VIP Members Area, and more added regularly!
VIP MindTraining Membership - Ongoing Lifetime Discounts
on our entire range of products, for yourself and your family in our MindTraining VIP Members Area.
Personal Product Support
by email direct from product creator, Craig Townsend

Plus Full Access Your Optional Extras:
A 5 Minute "Pre-Performance Motivator / Car Recording" (valued at $15).
"The Power of Belief & Visualization in Sport" (valued at $25).

Use your credit card or PayPal account with the button below:


Or, if you prefer the CD, click here. Or, you may prefer your own customized hypnosis recording, created personally for you (now reduced to $94.95) - more info here. 

I look forward to hearing from you about how the Track and Field hypnosis / visualization recording has brought about transformational results for you.

All the best of success for a great year ahead!

Craig Townsend, who runs the self help and self improvement site Mind Training.net
Craig Townsend - creator of MindTraining.net and its library of self help and sports programs.
Craig Townsend
(Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis)
Director - It's Mind over Matter / MindTraining.net

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P.S. After your online order, your receipt will be sent to you instantly by email, and your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen. 

After receiving the program, you must be 100% satisfied or you can receive a full, immediate refund, absolutely no questions asked - simply by contacting MindTraining.net here.



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